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The story that pulled me out of summer hibernation

Yesterday, I asked J if he would like a dog.

He crinkled up his nose and said, “No.” He paused. “I want a mouse. With BLACK. EYES!”


Fast forward to the supper table. I told Mr. French about the conversation I’d had with J. He laughed. So then the other boys started talking about dogs.

C said he would like one. A black and white one like the movies.

S said he didn’t want a dog, he wanted a cat.

Mr. F made a face. He doesn’t like cats. S got upset.

So I said to S, “Maybe we can wear Daddy down on the cat thing.”

Then Daddy said, in an exaggerated tone, “Oh I know, S. How would you like a bird?”

S looked excited.

I made a face. “No, I don’t think so.”

“Oh, don’t worry S. Maybe we can wear Mommy down.”

Touché. But this was getting out of hand.

“Hey, J, would you like a dog?” (now we’re back on the subject).

C answered. He had been paying attention. “No. He wants a mouse. Oh, that’s not good. That would make Mommy scream.”

Mr. F agreed. “You’re right. That probably would make Mommy scream.”


(I have no idea where they come up with this stuff.)


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