Forget Global Warming. I’ve figured it all out.

It’s us.

It’s October. It was 88 degrees yesterday. It’s hot.

Someone told Mr. F that it’s supposed to be a “mild winter” this year.

Oh, really?

Like the “mild winter” we had in France? Near the Alps! We ruined their ski season!

Oh, wait? Was that the same year they had ice storms in Texas! And a foot of snow in April in Ohio?

It’s us. We can’t cut a break. Ever since we moved to Texas…

But I’ve got an idea.

Have you ever wanted to get away from winter?

Is the sleet and snow getting you down,

but you can’t afford Florida

or the Bahamas?

Get rid of winter without leaving home!

Just bring US to YOUR town!

We’ll bring you that “mild winter” you crave!

Results may vary. Void where prohibited.



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3 responses to “Forget Global Warming. I’ve figured it all out.

  1. please don’t come to Florida…
    someone did and the mosquitoes never died…

    kidding..please come, really…anytime

  2. the other kansan

    Funny, we seem to have the same effect on places. It seems that wherever we go, the weather is strange. No snow in winter, rains all summer, you name it. Glad to know it’s not just us.

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