Trust your gut.

Sometimes I don’t know what to do.

And sometimes I don’t do the right thing.

But here’s what I learned today.

First: When your middle child says, “I feel sick.”

Believe him. Treat him like he is sick until otherwise informed.

However, when the same child says, “Mom, I feel good. I’m all better. I’m hungry.” immediately after dry-heaving into the toilet, don’t believe a word he just said.

Do not rationalize it by saying he has a weak stomach (that he inherited from you, by the way) and think it was just a little isolated incident.

Even if he stuffs three muffins into his mouth.

This is not sufficient evidence of wellness.

Trust me on this one.

Do not let him get into the car.

Your car will thank you later.

Second: When your youngest child uncharacteristically falls asleep while at the breakfast table, imagine a big red flag waving rapidly over his head.

Resist the urge to place him ever so gently in your bed, because you want to keep him close by. No, instead, put him in his own sufficiently water-proofed bed. But, even without that kind of foresight, at the very least, please please please remember to take your down comforter off the bed, first.

She would thank you, but she’s hanging on the porch smelling funny.


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