It’s taboo.

Some of our dear old friends came to visit us this past weekend. As soon as the kids were in bed on Saturday night we started playing Taboo.

The following was used as an example of why the girls could no longer be on a team together against the guys:

Example #1:

J: This is an animal at the Zoo.

Me: Giraffe!


Example #2:

Me: This is something women get…

J: Manicures?


The following is an example of why the guys should not have been on a team together:

Guy #1: This is a type of…pasta…that has different levels to it.

Guy #2: Levels?

Guy #1: It’s wavy pasta. It comes from the country near France. Right over the border. Known for their pasta.

Guy #2: Spaghetti?

Guy #1: It has different levels. There’s the wavy pasta, then a level of sauce, then cheese. Then another level of pasta. Of wavy pasta.

Guy #2: ….

Times up!

(My sides hurt from laughing so hard.)


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3 responses to “It’s taboo.

  1. Jennifer Ervin

    Howdy from the deep south…don’t you miss it? LOL! I have been enjoying getting updates on ya’ll through your blog. DH needs to contact A while they are on their trip…do you have his cell phone number? Can you email me with it?


  2. Andrew Myers

    LOL from J and Guy #2! Vive la difference! 😉

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