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He plays with his cars until…


they should probably no longer be referred to as “cars”.



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The Photo Contest Results

Or should we say the answers?

The whole point of this was just to have an excuse to show you some of our house (which several people have been asking for) and I thought I’d start by showing you some of the weirder aspects of our house. Next time I can show the things I like about it.

1. The correct answer was, of course, the master bedroom. I think everyone got this right. Apparently, everyone was paying attention.

This is our bed. And this is how our bed has looked for the last three months too. Well, usually, I’m in it, but besides that.


I’m sure some people will like this color and I don’t hate it. It’s just not what I would pick. (I think this picture looks really good with the red background though.) The first time I saw it, I thought “boudoir“. I like it a little bit more now, but I’m trying to talk Mr. French into letting me paint it blue. I’m not usually into blue for decorating but we saw another house (when we were shopping around) that we loved (but it was too far away and too expensive) and I decided right then and there I wanted a blue bedroom. We shall see.


And this is our view. Nothing to complain about here. I was quite thankful for it many times in the last few months as I’ve spent the majority of my time in this room.

2. Alyssa got this right. We have these kind of glass blocks in our bathroom and in a few of our basement windows, but we also have them in our living room.


To be fair, I can sort of imagine what the original designers/owners (assuming they’re the same people) were thinking. For one thing, this is a “contemporary” style home. So, in theory it could work. Also, it does allow for additional light to come through. But, we don’t really need any more light with all the windows we have and it just doesn’t work with our furniture.


But to be completely fair again, we have very classically styled furniture. (I’ll show more of the living room at a later date.)

3. I think two people got this right. It’s the door to the master bedroom suite (which sounds terribly luxurious, does it not?)


The thing I found weird about it, is that it’s a glass door where you kind of need something more opaque. The closets (a new luxury-his and her walk-in closets!) are on the left (no doors on them) and the bathroom is to the right (there is a door there, you’ll be happy to note) and is it just me, or do you sometimes walk from the bathroom in your towel or underwear to the closest receptacle for your clothing?

All I’m saying is maybe a solid door would come in handy once in a while.

In reality, however, we don’t even close it and I won’t be putting curtains on it, either. That’s how much I care.

4. There were three different answers and two people were right! (You knew there would be trick questions! It’s me, after all.)


This is our purple counter in the laundry room and this…


is the same color counter in our master bathroom. They must have loved it! (or got it cheap.)

It does sort of make you wonder, if they loved it so much, why sell the house?

Mr. French really wants to change it, but it will be a long time before that happens, if ever.

(I can just hear him saying, “Yeah, well, dream on about your blue bedroom girl!”)

5. Surprisingly only one person got this right.


It’s the kitchen. I like the window, but I’m not a fan of colored trim. I like white and sometimes natural wood trim around windows. I don’t think Mr. French dislikes it as much as I do. The kitchen is at the top of our list for painting though, so it will change soon enough.

6. So, two people guessed the one place this seems more appropriate, a kid’s bathroom. It is, however…


all over the shower and tub in the master bathroom. Oh, well. What can you do? (Besides build your own house, I mean! Who has time for that?)

7. This one was a trick question.

J in his army shirt

It was just a good excuse to take a picture of J. (I cannot, for the life of me, get this upright using photobucket. Feel free to suggest something. I looked through their FAQs and the member’s board for answers and nothing worked.)

8. These are, in fact, our front doors.


You have to be sure you’re going to open the door if the doorbell rings, cause they’re going to know if you decide, at the last moment, that they look too creepy and you ignore it. (Not that I have any experience in that area.)


Also, if you walked to the kitchen in your pajamas, there’s no way to get to any of the bedrooms to put your real clothes on before answering the door. At least, not without them knowing what your pajamas look like, first.

Or, more importantly perhaps, what you look like in your pajamas.

If you come for a visit, maybe you should call first.

Just in case.

And a bonus picture:


The nursery! (And we know the pictures are crooked. Now ask us if we care.)

I would love to paint it a different color and do something fun and different, but Mr. French, given the choice, would have wanted to paint it yellow with blue cloud curtains. *rolling eyes*

So, apparently, it will stay like this.

I’m not complaining though. All our babies have lived in our bedroom or closet at one time or another. It will be nice to have a separate room this time.


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A photo contest (of sorts)

The “of sorts” means it’s the best kind of contests.

The ones with no prizes at the end!


Try to curb your enthusiasm a little.

So, I took pictures of areas in our current house that we’re not crazy about. Some areas we like less than others. And some of us here like these areas less than other certain people that live here. (By “some of us” I might be referring to me and by “other certain people that live here” I might be referring to Mr. French.)

Some pictures will also be much easier to figure out than others. But that’s what makes it fun, right?


I started with an easy one. This is on the walls in a room in our house.
Is it:
a) the guest bathroom
b) the master bedroom
c) the laundry room


Where would you put this in your house? I guarantee it’s not where it is in my house.
So, guess where it is? (And while we’re at it, what is it?)


Um, straighten the rug much? This is the door to:
a) Mr. French’s study
b) the master bedroom
c) the guest bathroom
d) the laundry room


Where is this beautiful purple surface? (And by “beautiful”, I mean what-were-they-thinking?)
a) the master bathroom
b) the laundry room
c) the kitchen
d) the pantry


I can’t wait to paint these window frames! They are in:
a) the living room
b) the nursery
c) the kitchen
d) the dining room


If you were at the store, picking out new tile for your *blank* this is surely what you would go for, right? I can’t even imagine a more classy tile that just makes you say, “Wow, that’s just beautiful tile. I need to put that in my…”
a) kitchen
b) kid’s bathroom
c) garage
d) master bathroom


We have boys, but that doesn’t mean our *blank* has to look like an army barracks.
a) guest bedroom
b) family room
c) master bathroom


These beautiful all-glass double doors are:
a) our front doors
b) our back porch doors
c) the doors to our sunroom
d) the doors out of our walk-out basement

See, that wasn’t hard. I added a few of those give-away answers that make multiple choice tests much more fun to take. There’s also that essay question I dropped in there.

I know there are a few of you that read here that have been to our house and I’m not barring you from participating, but maybe just don’t mention that you actually know the answers. You know, so everybody else won’t copy your answers.

And for the many of you that read but never comment, here’s your chance. (That’s means you, Jenn!)


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Six years ago today…

I woke up

from a nap

in a wet bed.

One hour later,

at 3:04 p.m.

I gave birth

to a sweet,



8 pound, 2 ounce

baby boy.


He had

very long



fuzzy red hair.


he is no longer


nor quiet,

but he is still very




we will



angel food cake

and out-of-season




my red-headed







as much


I love him.


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Have I ever mentioned…

that we live near a river now?

A very icy river to be precise.

At least when it’s cold.
And it’s definitely cold right now.

Oooh. The Beach. I love going to the beach.

Do not tell me that is the beach. I wouldn’t believe you anyway.

Yes. We need a shortcut right now. ‘Cause that? That was not a beach.

But that is a house.

I wonder who lives there?

Do you think the people who live up there like to take pictures of other people’s houses and then post them on their blogs and then make up stories about what they do all day?

Wait a second. That looks kind of famil…. oh. Never mind.

Oh, look! A dog!
That’s Molly. She’s a dog.

She likes sticks.

Oh, look!
We’re almost home.

(All pictures were provided by the snow-an-ice-an-everything-that-is-cold-ever-lovin’-Mr. French.)


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I’m thinkin’…Twins=Unlikely

Next week I promise I’ll post about something more interesting than my non-existent belly.

It’s actually much harder to take pictures of yourself than it looks. But after all I’ve put you through, I thought you deserved some more. You’re totally welcome.

So this is me at 15 weeks 2 days. Before I started this photo shoot, it occurred to me that these jeans (the same ones from before) might not fit and for a moment I didn’t want to try them on. But then I did and I realized I still don’t look pregnant at all. But, you know…any day now…I’m ready….

And here’s the belly shot.


And here I am sucking it all in.

Sucking it in

And here I am pooching it all out. Don’t I look a little bit pregnant there?

Not sucking it in

Yeah, riiight.

If it wasn’t for the fact that I’ve been sick for 2 months, even I would be wondering if I was making it all up.

And here I am wearing the previous post’s “baby belly” sweatshirt.


I wasn’t going to add this one, because *full disclosure* I’m actually 15 weeks 1 day, here. It obviously makes a big difference because here I am one day later:


(How would you like that picture of Miles Davis staring at you while you’re in bed? Better than in the bathroom which is where we almost put it.)

So, next week let’s talk about the house. Way more fun.


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If you don’t hate me yet, you will now.

It all started innocently enough. My cousin, Sarah sent me this maternity shirt, so naturally I tried it on. And it fit, but it was also kind of huge. So I thought I should see what it will look like when I start to look pregnant. You know how they have those pregnant belly pillows at all the little maternity clothing shops so that you can see if it will fit you when you really are huge? So I stuffed myself up and everyone thought it was funny and then Mr. F wanted to take a picture and I let him and then I thought, wouldn’t it be funny if I put it on the blog and pretended I was really that big? Of course, no one is going to believe that, will they?

You guys are making me feel bad.

Mr. French thought no one would have any reason to doubt that I was really that big.

So fine. He was right. I was wrong. (Did you read that, honey?)

This is a more accurate picture of what I really look like:


Yeah. So, I’m not really showing yet. Though if you look really, really closely, I sort of am.

I guess, since I don’t talk a lot about how sick I’ve been, you don’t know that I lost 14 pounds in the last 2 months and have only gained back about 3. And while even I can’t figure out where the baby is in there, if it’s really as big as they say they are at 15 weeks, (my theory is that he took over the space normally held by my bladder.) I know there’s one in there because it kicks a lot and I’ve started having Braxton-Hicks contractions every day. (And I did check with my Google Doctor and he said it’s normal in the second trimester.)

I make it my policy to write all my stories as accurately as possible and if I’m writing pure fiction, I try to make it obvious. But, I’ll admit that while everything I wrote was true and that is me in the picture, the “belly” is just an old college sweatshirt. You can even see it in the picture on the counter. (Mr. French wanted to take a picture of me taking it out but it was just a little too stripper-esque for me.)

Mr. F thinks that I’ve lost all credibility now and no one will believe anything I write.

They probably made up that whole thing about going to France too.

Yeah, maybe she’s not even pregnant. It’s all a big hoax.

She probably took that second picture, where she’s all skinny, like three months ago to make us now believe she’s really not that big, but really she is. The big fat liar.

But dudes, in my defense, if you can’t believe those two pictures were taken on the same day, why would I have the same bad hair on both days? Huh? Give me some credit.


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