(Note: This is something I meant to post back in October.)

For the past three years, we’ve been without most of the kid’s baby pictures (did I ever mention that we’ve moved a lot?) so this last move has unearthed many treasures that the boys have enjoyed looking through.

One picture they found was of Mr. French and I on the day I graduated from Nursing school. We’d been married for about five months and I was almost to the end of my first trimester with C. C saw the picture and misinterpreted the strange clothing (black cap and gown) to be our wedding.

After I explained the difference, S said, “Where are your children?” It felt like an accusation.

“Actually, S, this was before we had any children.” I explained. “Well, actually, C is in Mommy’s tummy in this picture.”

“Where am I?” exclaimed S.

“You weren’t born yet. You came after C.”

“But, I want to be there!”

So, then we had to find pictures of when S was born so he could see where he fit into the family.

A few days later, I overheard S bragging to J about being in a photo without J.

“You’re not there.” said S.

“Uh-huh!” exclaimed J.

J got upset the more S kept insisting he wasn’t born yet.

Finally I said, “I have some pictures of J that I don’t have of anyone else in the family. J is the only person who has sonogram pictures.”

I showed them the sono pictures of J at 22 weeks. “See, this is when you were in Mommy’s tummy.”

“Yes,” said J, like he remembered it well.

And then to drive home the point and put an end to the bragging and exclusion, I said, “We don’t have pictures like this of anyone else. Just J.”

S looked upset.

“But, was I in Daddy’s tummy?”


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