I think there’s something wrong with me.

And not just because I’m pregnant, although, frankly, that’s enough.

Or that I’m not even showing yet but feel like my stomach is sticking out a good 6 inches.

No, there’s something else wrong with me.

A few days ago I was searching online for job postings that my husband would qualify for. We both frequently do this, so that’s not what was wrong.

I came across an old posting for a job in Vancouver, B.C.

My first thought was not, “I bet it would take days to drive there from here.”

It was not, “What a pain it would be to deal with all the paperwork to live and work in Canada.”

It was also not, “I’m so glad I live in this beautiful house in Ohio within a day’s drive of both sets of grandparents.”


My very first thought was, “Ooooh, I bet Vancouver would be a really cool place to live. I wonder if this is still available?”

It’s a sickness, but I like it.


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