Alert: Important PSA from Mr. French

Mr. French would like to inform the general public that when he laughed at the name, Oceane, it was because, as he explained,

“It was out of context.”

Once he read the actual comments about it, he decided it is a very pretty name.

That is all.



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6 responses to “Alert: Important PSA from Mr. French

  1. Esther

    OK, but if he laughed because it was out of context, what do you think all the rest of your family will do if you name your child Oceane but do not also provide the proper context?

  2. redchampagne

    Hmm. Good point.

    Maybe we should print up pamphlets or something. 🙂

  3. Esther

    Or just REALLY large, text-heavy baby announcements. 🙂

  4. redchampagne

    It’s funny how much I think about how hard a name will be to pronounce properly and whether the spelling will be more or less obvious and yet my own kids, who have fairly recognizable names, have trouble with people not understanding them.

    For instance, when J pronounces his name, people think he is saying, “Dolphin” and people often mistake C’s name for “Kevin”.

    Though, it does seem that if one felt tempted to have business cards printed so that people would get their kid’s names right, then perhaps, that should just be their middle name.

  5. Jessica

    We have the same trouble with our J’s name. When he says it people always think he’s saying Jason or Justin.

  6. the other kansan

    Please inform Mr. F that I’m no longer affronted.

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