Have I ever mentioned…

that we live near a river now?

A very icy river to be precise.

At least when it’s cold.
And it’s definitely cold right now.

Oooh. The Beach. I love going to the beach.

Do not tell me that is the beach. I wouldn’t believe you anyway.

Yes. We need a shortcut right now. ‘Cause that? That was not a beach.

But that is a house.

I wonder who lives there?

Do you think the people who live up there like to take pictures of other people’s houses and then post them on their blogs and then make up stories about what they do all day?

Wait a second. That looks kind of famil…. oh. Never mind.

Oh, look! A dog!
That’s Molly. She’s a dog.

She likes sticks.

Oh, look!
We’re almost home.

(All pictures were provided by the snow-an-ice-an-everything-that-is-cold-ever-lovin’-Mr. French.)



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3 responses to “Have I ever mentioned…

  1. redchampagne

    Do some of the pictures look too big to anyone else? they do in Firefox for me, but not Safari.

    I don’t know why.

  2. They look fine to me, but I use Firefox so hey…

    I was wondering… do you ever refer to Mr. French as Mr. French other than on you blog? As in – “please pass the salt Mr. French?”

    I’m curious because I mentioned to my mom that you were pregnant and she said something about Mr. French, but she used his real name of course, and I’m like – “wait! who in the world is K?”

  3. redchampagne

    No, Mr. French is only for the blog. The rest of the time it’s “my lord” or “Your Highness”.

    Just kidding. We actually don’t call each other by our names much either. (Only when the other is in trouble.) (And I’m not kidding about that.)

    This is going to be embarrassing, but we usually refer to each other by “honey” or “babe”. That does sound dumb when I write it out. But there you go. Full disclosure.

    Especially when our 7-year-old repeats things that Mr. French says a lot, like, “Yeah, ba-bay!” We can’t stop him though, because it always makes us laugh.

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