A photo contest (of sorts)

The “of sorts” means it’s the best kind of contests.

The ones with no prizes at the end!


Try to curb your enthusiasm a little.

So, I took pictures of areas in our current house that we’re not crazy about. Some areas we like less than others. And some of us here like these areas less than other certain people that live here. (By “some of us” I might be referring to me and by “other certain people that live here” I might be referring to Mr. French.)

Some pictures will also be much easier to figure out than others. But that’s what makes it fun, right?


I started with an easy one. This is on the walls in a room in our house.
Is it:
a) the guest bathroom
b) the master bedroom
c) the laundry room


Where would you put this in your house? I guarantee it’s not where it is in my house.
So, guess where it is? (And while we’re at it, what is it?)


Um, straighten the rug much? This is the door to:
a) Mr. French’s study
b) the master bedroom
c) the guest bathroom
d) the laundry room


Where is this beautiful purple surface? (And by “beautiful”, I mean what-were-they-thinking?)
a) the master bathroom
b) the laundry room
c) the kitchen
d) the pantry


I can’t wait to paint these window frames! They are in:
a) the living room
b) the nursery
c) the kitchen
d) the dining room


If you were at the store, picking out new tile for your *blank* this is surely what you would go for, right? I can’t even imagine a more classy tile that just makes you say, “Wow, that’s just beautiful tile. I need to put that in my…”
a) kitchen
b) kid’s bathroom
c) garage
d) master bathroom


We have boys, but that doesn’t mean our *blank* has to look like an army barracks.
a) guest bedroom
b) family room
c) master bathroom


These beautiful all-glass double doors are:
a) our front doors
b) our back porch doors
c) the doors to our sunroom
d) the doors out of our walk-out basement

See, that wasn’t hard. I added a few of those give-away answers that make multiple choice tests much more fun to take. There’s also that essay question I dropped in there.

I know there are a few of you that read here that have been to our house and I’m not barring you from participating, but maybe just don’t mention that you actually know the answers. You know, so everybody else won’t copy your answers.

And for the many of you that read but never comment, here’s your chance. (That’s means you, Jenn!)



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6 responses to “A photo contest (of sorts)

  1. Patti

    hmm lets see here.

    #1 your room

    #2 thats a tricky one. it looks like a distorted mirror! Almost like a car mirror but I know I am so off LOL

    #3 Door to Master bedroom

    #4 the kitchen because…

    #5 is the kitchen ๐Ÿ™‚

    #6 kids bathroom

    #7 Guest Bedroom

    # 8 Door out of walk out basement!

    Okay now you can tell me how that I am way off! Non of these or correct right? ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. redchampagne

    Thank you so much for even trying.

    And you’re right on a few… I’ll see if anyone else is brave enough to try before I tell you what is what.

    I should give you a prize for being the first.

  3. Ok… wow! Defiantly some interesting decor…

    1. Master Bedroom

    2. It looks like an up close shot of a glass shower block. So I would guess a bathroom, but then you said it’s not where I’d think it would be, so I’m going to guess the kitchen? Though maybe it’s like in the front entry way or something. (I think I’ll stick with kitchen, final answer.)

    3. Mr. French’s study

    4. How about laundry room.

    5. Dining room

    6. Kids Bathroom

    7. Family room

    8. Doors out of the walk out basement.

  4. Jessica

    1. guest bathroom
    2. guest bathroom window
    3. master bedroom
    4. master bathroom
    5. dining room
    6. master bathroom
    7. master bathroom
    8. front doors

  5. Jessica

    I just realized that I guessed master bathroom 3 times. Surely that can’t be right! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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