The Photo Contest Results

Or should we say the answers?

The whole point of this was just to have an excuse to show you some of our house (which several people have been asking for) and I thought I’d start by showing you some of the weirder aspects of our house. Next time I can show the things I like about it.

1. The correct answer was, of course, the master bedroom. I think everyone got this right. Apparently, everyone was paying attention.

This is our bed. And this is how our bed has looked for the last three months too. Well, usually, I’m in it, but besides that.


I’m sure some people will like this color and I don’t hate it. It’s just not what I would pick. (I think this picture looks really good with the red background though.) The first time I saw it, I thought “boudoir“. I like it a little bit more now, but I’m trying to talk Mr. French into letting me paint it blue. I’m not usually into blue for decorating but we saw another house (when we were shopping around) that we loved (but it was too far away and too expensive) and I decided right then and there I wanted a blue bedroom. We shall see.


And this is our view. Nothing to complain about here. I was quite thankful for it many times in the last few months as I’ve spent the majority of my time in this room.

2. Alyssa got this right. We have these kind of glass blocks in our bathroom and in a few of our basement windows, but we also have them in our living room.


To be fair, I can sort of imagine what the original designers/owners (assuming they’re the same people) were thinking. For one thing, this is a “contemporary” style home. So, in theory it could work. Also, it does allow for additional light to come through. But, we don’t really need any more light with all the windows we have and it just doesn’t work with our furniture.


But to be completely fair again, we have very classically styled furniture. (I’ll show more of the living room at a later date.)

3. I think two people got this right. It’s the door to the master bedroom suite (which sounds terribly luxurious, does it not?)


The thing I found weird about it, is that it’s a glass door where you kind of need something more opaque. The closets (a new luxury-his and her walk-in closets!) are on the left (no doors on them) and the bathroom is to the right (there is a door there, you’ll be happy to note) and is it just me, or do you sometimes walk from the bathroom in your towel or underwear to the closest receptacle for your clothing?

All I’m saying is maybe a solid door would come in handy once in a while.

In reality, however, we don’t even close it and I won’t be putting curtains on it, either. That’s how much I care.

4. There were three different answers and two people were right! (You knew there would be trick questions! It’s me, after all.)


This is our purple counter in the laundry room and this…


is the same color counter in our master bathroom. They must have loved it! (or got it cheap.)

It does sort of make you wonder, if they loved it so much, why sell the house?

Mr. French really wants to change it, but it will be a long time before that happens, if ever.

(I can just hear him saying, “Yeah, well, dream on about your blue bedroom girl!”)

5. Surprisingly only one person got this right.


It’s the kitchen. I like the window, but I’m not a fan of colored trim. I like white and sometimes natural wood trim around windows. I don’t think Mr. French dislikes it as much as I do. The kitchen is at the top of our list for painting though, so it will change soon enough.

6. So, two people guessed the one place this seems more appropriate, a kid’s bathroom. It is, however…


all over the shower and tub in the master bathroom. Oh, well. What can you do? (Besides build your own house, I mean! Who has time for that?)

7. This one was a trick question.

J in his army shirt

It was just a good excuse to take a picture of J. (I cannot, for the life of me, get this upright using photobucket. Feel free to suggest something. I looked through their FAQs and the member’s board for answers and nothing worked.)

8. These are, in fact, our front doors.


You have to be sure you’re going to open the door if the doorbell rings, cause they’re going to know if you decide, at the last moment, that they look too creepy and you ignore it. (Not that I have any experience in that area.)


Also, if you walked to the kitchen in your pajamas, there’s no way to get to any of the bedrooms to put your real clothes on before answering the door. At least, not without them knowing what your pajamas look like, first.

Or, more importantly perhaps, what you look like in your pajamas.

If you come for a visit, maybe you should call first.

Just in case.

And a bonus picture:


The nursery! (And we know the pictures are crooked. Now ask us if we care.)

I would love to paint it a different color and do something fun and different, but Mr. French, given the choice, would have wanted to paint it yellow with blue cloud curtains. *rolling eyes*

So, apparently, it will stay like this.

I’m not complaining though. All our babies have lived in our bedroom or closet at one time or another. It will be nice to have a separate room this time.



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5 responses to “The Photo Contest Results

  1. Jessica

    Well, since I’ve been to your home, I really should have gotten them all right, but I think I only got one or maybe two right. The camo shirt really through me, and now I see why! And, of course, I really remember that glass over the stairs now that I see it pictured. Anyway, guess I’m not too observant. It’s a lovely house and this was fun!

  2. I guess I didn’t do to bad! I’m really shocked at the purple counter tops… I would have never guessed.

  3. Esther

    It’s really fun to see pictures. I never thought I’d say this a few years ago, but I really like modern architecture in a home now. It depends on the house, but clean lines are really nice and it looks like your house has a lot of those.

    As to the master bedroom color, I think the red is great. I’m not a fan of the texture though–just solid color is better in my opinion. But I could also see red not being a very tranquil color–actually, studies have shown, apparently, that red walls make people hungry! We had a red wall in our dining room in Pittsburgh and I thought it worked well there. But I agree that blue would look great in that room.

  4. redchampagne

    Yeah, it’s the texture I don’t like (I don’t think it was done as well as it could have been-you can see alot of X’s all over) but I also think that trim could really help. You can’t see it in the photos, but the trim around the bottom of the wall (not sure if there’s a name for it) is painted brown. There’s no crown molding and the trim around the window is black (the rest of the window frame is stained wood). Then the carpet is beige and the ceiling is white. I just don’t think it works.

    One of my nephews has a red room but he also has a white chair rail and white crown molding and I think it frames the red better and also makes it look very classic. One nice thing about red is that it really warms up a room and even though it’s stimulating (as opposed to calming) it’s nice to have a “warm” feeling bedroom.

    I remember your red wall. I liked it. I also would probably have wanted to paint some room in my house red about 4 years ago, but I think my tastes are changing too. I do use red as an accent color in my kitchen. If you had told me back then that I would want to paint my bedroom blue someday, I would not have believed you. But we have 3 black and white pictures in it and I’d like to have some prints of the kids done in black and white and frame them to put over the bed. I think the contrast of a cool blue with the black and white would be cool. Plus our bedspread is black and white (like newsprint, but in French).

    And I probably should’ve e-mailed all that because that was really long. But I like to talk about color.

  5. redchampagne

    Also, about the modern look. I’m the same way. I can really appreciate a great old house and that’s what both Mr. F and I were looking for. We love Colonial style architecture. We spent weeks just looking at colonial style homes (and cape cods, I think.) And there are a lot of that style in this area. But the two houses we came closest to buying (one we bid on but lost) were both contemporary with a modern feel on the interior. I’m still kind of surprised by it, but it’s what we were most attracted to. And it was just the interior of the home that attracted us (the exterior of both homes left a lot to be desired when it came to design). So, it’s interesting that you feel the same way about it.

    Oh, I hope you can still visit in June!

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