Excuse me while I shamelessly brag about my sons

My oldest son painted this picture.


The first time I saw it I wanted to have it printed on canvas and put on the wall. I love the colors and details.

My second-born son did this one.


I like it, though I wish he’d been able to finish with the blue sky. I love the combination of crayon outline and watercolor. It reminds me of small town grain elevators in Kansas. (That’s also why it needs the big blue sky.)

C also did this sketching:


It’s not an original. He used this picture (from a legos catalog) for inspiration:


See the little sword-fighting dude in the circle? That’s what he was looking at. It’s hard to tell, but the sketching is about 10 times bigger than the original picture.

Thanks for indulging me. 🙂



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2 responses to “Excuse me while I shamelessly brag about my sons

  1. Esther

    Those are great! Really impressive for kids their ages. And you should totally frame the first one. I love seeing homes with the kids’ art on the walls.

  2. I’m impressed with the first one! If you did frame it I doubt anyone would guess it was drawn by a little boy. I know I wouldn’t have guessed it.

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