All about Mr. French (in answer to the third question)

(See the post below first)

I sort of regretted asking this question, because I got a very long list in return by e-mail.

However, if you don’t know that music is important to Mr. French, then you won’t know him very well.

With his permission, I reprinted the whole e-mail:

“O.k., here is a list of 13 albums instead of 5. Five was too difficult.
Plus, I thought maybe I can get away with 13 choices since the 13th is my
birthday. 🙂

Instead of thinking who my favorite artists or composers are, my
determining thought for this list was: Over the many years, which are
the albums I have come back to the most for listening? The music of each
one of these records echoes in my head from so many hearings. This selection
is quite eclectic (and esoteric), but then, that has always been my kind of
taste. (I added the album covers in case you think the visuals would be
more interesting on the blog.)”

Bach, Cello Suites


Bartók, String Quartets


Bartók, Bluebeard’s Castle


Beethoven, Late String Quartets


Charles Ives, Symphony no. 3


Penny Merriment, English Songs from the Time of the Pilgrims


John McLaughlin with Shakti, A Handful of Beauty


Terje Rypdal, Whenever I Seem To Be Far Away


Wes Montgomery, Smokin’ at the Half Note


Beatles, Magical Mystery Tour


Genesis, Nursery Cryme


Klaatu, Sir Army Suit


Traffic, Low Spark of High Heeled Boys




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2 responses to “All about Mr. French (in answer to the third question)

  1. Catherine R.

    Well your husband is very hip, isn’t he? I would be willing to bet he likes Brian Eno. Bela Bartok is from Hungary like my dad.

  2. redchampagne

    He’ll be so pleased you think he’s hip. 🙂

    My great-grandmother came to America as a young girl from Hungary. I don’t know how “Hungarian” that makes me, though.

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