Proof that the original planners of this house did not have kids


This is the front door.


This is the back door.


This is the front and back doors in the same picture.


This is how the floor looks most of the time.



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3 responses to “Proof that the original planners of this house did not have kids

  1. Wow, that’s only slightly ridiculous!

    This winter I’ve had such trouble keeping mud out of our apartment, because Steve always comes home muddy. And yes there have been times I’ve made him take his pants off before proceeding through the rest of the house! Shh… don’t tell anyone.
    Our stairs are right inside our front door, like right inside where you have to back up the stair to open the door all the way, and the door swings so close to the floor I can’t put a rug down there, and did I mention that he really can’t leave his shoes down there because the door won’t open properly if he did? So we’ve had muddy stairs all winter/spring and the floor down there is horrible since my pregnant self does not seem to be inclined to cram itself in such a tight spaces.

  2. redchampagne

    I know. I wish the back door came in through the laundry room. It’s not so bad when it’s just snow, but this mud is starting to drive me crazy.

    I’m sure it’s almost impossible to keep the floor clean when you live with someone who gets dirty working everyday.

    When I was growing up, we lived on a farm (with cattle) and every spring our back entranceway would get completely covered in mud and manure. I remember because I was often the one to clean it. I guess I should count my blessings.

  3. Mom

    Yes, I remember the MUD on the farm VERY well. We had that nice back door that we couldn’t seem to get the men to use…so they tramped through the front door to the laundry room…I don’t miss that part of being on the farm at all.

    I noticed,too, that you have a wood floor at the entrance. Very pretty, but not too practical with kids. The designers definitely didn’t have kids… at least not normal kids.

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