Spring Break: the week we spent doing laundry almost every day.

It’s spring break around here which is partially why the blog has been kind of quiet this week.

The other reason would be that my computer was out of commission and I couldn’t possibly have used our old PC to blog. (Can you say Mac Addict?)


So, we’ve just been laying around, hanging out, napping periodically.

Just how you’d suspect a house full of small males would spend their spring break.

Or not.




(Molly is such a girl, staying on the side and keeping her paws clean.)



I’m pretty sure my last words as they walked out the door were not, “Go play in the ditch! Be sure to get muddy, too!”

But the surprising thing is that they are shocked and completely baffled when I tell them they must also remove their pants before proceeding into the rest of the house.

I am such a mean Mom.



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5 responses to “Spring Break: the week we spent doing laundry almost every day.

  1. Patti

    Ditches…..water….dirt…..=mud….hmm…all seem to atracted little boys! Funny 🙂

  2. Catherine R.

    I like that blanket with the words on it…why is it from and what does it say?

  3. redchampagne

    Yes, the question is, is the mud attracted to little boys or are little boys attracted to the mud? 🙂

    Thanks. We like it too. We got it from Garnet Hill (http://www.garnethill.com/). I just looked, but they don’t have it anymore. It was several years ago when we got it.
    It’s a travel journal in French. (Mr. F can read it.) I wanted something neutral and interesting and Mr. French also found it appealing. I still think it’s interesting and unique.

  4. That website has some really cute stuff on it. *sigh* I wonder if the day will ever come when I can spend more than $10 on an item of clothing : (

    Oh well, these days all I wear is my nightgown all day.

  5. redchampagne

    I know. It’s really cute, but so expensive. I’ve never bought any of their clothes, but they’re fun to look at.

    I just recently started wearing real clothes again. I think I’m up to wearing clothes 6/7 days now. It was pajamas for months on end though.

    The other annoying thing is that when I’m not pregnant, maternity clothes in the store look cute, but when I’m pregnant, they lose all their appeal and then I see all these “regular” clothes I like.

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