The Post in which I don’t say what, exactly, it is that I said.

“The baby” comes up a lot in our conversations around here.

We look at pictures of babies in utero on the internet and in books. We’ve talked about placentas and umbilical cords and belly buttons and nursing and crying and how babies can’t really do much of anything when they first come out.

I even let them watch about 10 minutes of a very screened portion of The Miracle of Life. They’re always asking, how big is the baby now? How big will it be when it comes out? When is the baby coming out? etc.

Finally, at 21 weeks, we got around to the question I was wondering when they’d ask.

How does it come out?” C asked one day after looking at this picture.

I told him, using the proper term, which he’d never heard before. (Well, he’d never asked that question.)

After I explained what that was, he said, “Oh.”

And then he said, “But it’s too small.” (I’ve thought the very same thing!)

“Well,” I said. “It stretches.”



“Does it hurt?”

“Yes, it hurts. But it’s O.K.” (I decided not to burden him with that now.)

“Hmm.” he said.

And that was that.

I’m just glad nobody asked the other question.


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One response to “The Post in which I don’t say what, exactly, it is that I said.

  1. Patti

    Yes I had this question come up this last time. We decided not to go into much detail with the children. So thanks to my dear sis who came up with this brilliant answer we just told them “there is a special baby door that God opens up and the baby comes out” 🙂 (of course they asked if they could see the special door. I told them it was a private door 😉 ) The day T was born C wanted to feel my tummy and asked if the special baby door had opened. it was so cute. :0

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