Five random unimportant things about me and one that’s…not.

I mean, it is random and totally unimportant but it’s just, well, not true.

Here you go: Winners all around.

1. By the time I got to high-school, I had so many warts on my legs and hands that my Doctor couldn’t even count them all. I had them all removed, with no scars, though I usually have a few pop up every once in awhile.

I am truly touched that so many of you felt sorry for my “teenage self” as someone put it, but in all honesty, it really didn’t bother me. I think I was even somewhat proud of them. They were kind of bothersome in that they bled when I shaved my legs (hence, why I had so many, if you were wondering) but, I guess I was kind of a tomboy and really didn’t care how they looked. I would care now, of course.

In fact, when I got married (years later), I had about 5 or 6 on my hands and I didn’t get the popular-wedding-ring-with-your-hands-all-entangled picture because of it. I don’t feel like I missed out on anything, but that is the reason why.

2. I couldn’t skip a single class in college without considerable guilt.

This is also very true. I don’t remember skipping any classes in college, although I won’t go so far as to say I never did. I think, in fact, that I probably did but was so traumatized by the guilt that I’ve blocked all memory of it.

3. I was reporter, secretary, vice-president, and president of my 4-H club. (different years)

Yeah, I was secretary and reporter for a long time, until the reigning President finally got a life in high school and quit 4-H and then I moved on up. President of the 4-H club – the power and prestige is unparalleled. Of course, so is the dork factor.

4. In first grade, I got chicken pox after I came back from camping with poison ivy and poison oak.

Those were itchy days. My Mom has a picture of me in a pink dress and my skin pretty much matches it exactly.

5. I joined the rugby team in college.

Yes I did. I never actually played a game (can’t remember why), but I practiced regularly and learned to tackle rugby style. That was definitely the most fun. I do remember once telling a friend of mine how weird it was to finally wake up and not be completely sore from head to toe. (I mentioned that I used to be a tomboy, right?)

Which reminds me that when I first met Mr. French (at the age of 17) I had skinned up knees from a square dancing accident. I was obviously such a cool and graceful teenager.

6. The one and only time I dyed my hair, I pretended that I hadn’t and that I naturally was that red. Up until now, I was still denying that I’d ever dyed my hair.

Most of you figured out that this one was false. I’d forgotten I’d written about it earlier. (thankyousomuch Abigail. It actually took me several hours to remember that.) I have never dyed my hair but I think I should so I’ll stop talking about it. Two hairdressers now have suggested it (how convenient, since I could pay them to do it, no?). The problem is that both times someone has suggested it, I’ve been pregnant, so I delay it and then we move. I might just do it one of these days to see what the fuss is all about.

Maybe I should take a poll.

So there you go.

And feel free to do it on your blogs. (Leave a comment and then I can go and guess your false one.)



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2 responses to “Five random unimportant things about me and one that’s…not.

  1. Okay, I really thought the hair-dying thing stood a reasonable chance of being true. Maybe because if I ever DID dye my hair, I would probably regret it and then try to deny it for the rest of my life. “Remember when your hair was platinum blonde?” (I’m a brunette, by the way). “No.” “Oh, but see, I have a picture!” “That’s not me.”

    I enjoyed your answers. 🙂 And I think we might have been rivals for dorky power… I wasn’t a part of 4-H, but I WAS President of the Ridgeview Heights Girl’s Club, a very exclusive made up of 4 or 5 girls who lived in my neighborhood. I was also the founder.

  2. So… I guessed wrong. I suppose I shouldn’t be so surprised that you’d make up something like dying your hair red.

    Well I had fun anyways!

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