I’m a really good spellar too.

There’s a good article over at Amy’s Humble Musings about “How to be humble…like me.”

So, that got me thinking of great spoof blog titles, like:

How to be perfect…just like me.

This is my really funny blog.

I’m a good writer. I have this blog, don’t I? ( or You can read this blog, can’t you?)

The Perfect blog-One woman’s attempt to teach you all that she knows.

(I think I saw a blog like that once. She wasn’t being sarcastic, either.)

President of my 4-H Club and my subsequent rise to fame and fortune.

Then I thought of things you should never, ever write on a blog.

I’m a really, really good writer.

Grammar is what I’m best at.

Spelling is my fortay.

I am seriously the funniest person I know.

I’m an editor, so I’m immune to typpos.

The irony of it all.

If I was a better writer (and also less of a procrastinator) I think it would be fun to write a spoof blog making fun of people taking themselves too seriously. (Though, I could be accused of that at times. But then, I’d have all this great material.) I could pretend I’m a really serious person trying too hard to show off my humility. It would, of course, have to be absurd, otherwise it wouldn’t be funny.

What would you add to the list? Or give me blog titles that you’d like to spoof.

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One response to “I’m a really good spellar too.

  1. Hi Rachel!

    I’m enjoying your blog. Congratulations on your pregnancy and your cute boys! I can’t figure out who your husband is…

    This one is the funniest to me: “The Perfect blog-One woman’s attempt to teach you all that she knows.”
    I used to visit a blog like that. It was a train wreck. I could not look away. Her blog is deleted now.
    Another similar title could be: My Life is a Sermon

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