Did ya miss me?

I went to a wedding (“Charismatic guy” got married!) on Saturday. I left on Friday evening and spent the night with one of my best friends and her daughter.

As I was packing to leave, C asked me what I was doing. I told him I was going away for a night and I’d be home on Sat. night.

“But I’ll miss you.” he said. (Aww!)

“Oh, I’ll miss you too. But it will only be one overnight. You’ll have fun with Daddy.”

He thought for a minute.

“But when I’m putting away the dishes and I don’t know where something goes, I won’t be able to ask you.”

“Well… you could just ask Daddy.”

C looked skeptical. “But Daddy doesn’t always know where things go either.”

Good point.

(I’m still leaving though.)

J (yes, the 3-year-old) took this picture of me. He just picked up the camera (at the wedding) and pushed the button, but I thought it would qualify quite well for an unflattering belly shot.


I don’t know why I’m holding my hand like I’m showing off my ring. I was waiting for J to push the button already so I could take the camera away.

Even if you didn’t miss me, my boys sure did.


Yeah, they missed me alright.


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One response to “Did ya miss me?

  1. Hope you enjoyed the wedding and your time away from duties of laundress and dish doer. šŸ™‚ Pretty smart kid, to notice that Mommy is the one most familiar with everything in the house.

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