My life in random bullet points in a lame attempt to start writing again.

At least I tell it like it is, right?

  • I’ve declared May “get rid of it” month. I’m planning to use our local recycle center, freecycle, Craig’s list, Ebay, and Amazon (just to mix it up a little) to get rid of things we have no need for anymore. I was going to use our “waste management” company to get rid of some things Mr. French was too embarrassed to offer on Freecycle, but that seems to be too expensive, so we’ll probably use an ax and a match instead.
  • The reason we need to get rid of stuff now, after living here for over 6 months, is so we can park both our cars in the garage!
  • After eight years of being able to use one (or less) cars, we now have two vehicles. It’s weird. We forget all the time. We still plan things around using the one car. And then we say, “Oh, yeah, we have two cars now.”
  • That is also possibly because until today, I hadn’t even driven the new car. I know. Do I trust Mr. French or what?
  • And talk about spoiled rotten. I knew having two cars would be more expense, but so is having another baby and we had to get a second car before the baby was born. But hello! We used to spend $40-50 a week (we only needed to fill up the car once a week!) on gas. I was talking to someone with 6 kids (and a suburban) at church about it and she said they spend $150 just to fill up! The luxurious curse of having two cars.
  • I use the excuse of being pregnant for everything these days. I figure, membership to the club is exclusive and limited, so you might as well use up all your perks while you can.
  • Until moving to France last year I only (if no one was sick or anything) did laundry once a week. France was different for various reasons, but I did expect to go back to my once-a-week practice when we got back stateside. I’ve finally come to the realization that it’s unrealistic. I haven’t figured out all the whys but twice a week keeps it under control.
  • I went to Target today and for the first ten minutes all three of the boys walked around like they had guns in their hands, walking along the sides of the aisles, whispering back and forth, like they were in some undercover operation to take down the bad guys in housewares. I decided not to be embarrassed. I had to think about it though.

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One response to “My life in random bullet points in a lame attempt to start writing again.

  1. I am overjoyed to finally use the pregnancy excuse too, for the first time. After the kid is born I will go back to having no excuse for not doing things other than being lazy.

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