I don’t want to know what this means.

I always knew I wasn’t going to be the “fun” parent.

Someone has to tell them to sit up straight, eat their beans, put their socks in the hamper and no, for the last time, you can’t keep the toad/frog/ant/turtle/crawfish/bird/rabbit/worm as a pet. Now go to sleep!

So maybe I shouldn’t think this is as funny as I do.

Journal entry pages from two different boys:


Love how they both spelled “wrestle”.


Note the bulging biceps. Very important for wrestling, you know.


“Mom cleans garage.”

(I’d like to note that I’m still a stick figure in their minds. Not a big circle blob, like I feel.)

For the record, I don’t know what the assignment was. I’m not sure if I’d rather find out it was “fun things you do with your Mom and Dad” or “what does your Mom and Dad do all the time?”

I’m obviously not always sweeping the garage.

Sometimes I’m sweeping my kitchen.



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4 responses to “I don’t want to know what this means.

  1. Patti

    This is too cute!! πŸ™‚ he he!

  2. Julie Jaroski

    Great journal entries, Rachel. I have never been a “fun” mom. I have always been throwing out corrections, straight from the hip. However, I see that correction session stage ending as they get older…thankfully. It is tough to be the bad guy or whatever you call it. I have never set out to win a popularity contest with them. That is not my job. My job is to be a parent. It takes a ton more courage than I ever thought possible. Isn’t that an encouraging thought??? Keep up the good work, mom.

  3. How cute and artistic! πŸ™‚

  4. Wait, don’t you homeschool? Sorry if I’m getting you mixed up with someone else but if you homeschool didn’t you give them the assignment?

    Me: No, the boys go to a Christian School right now.

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