In case you were wondering what I was doing these days…

A woman can deny she is “nesting” and simply state that she is “spring cleaning” or “preparing for the baby” until she finds herself cleaning the inside of her washing machine and dishwasher.

And when the compulsion drives her to clean the underside of her stove hood, which includes removing and cleaning the light bulbs….

Yes, then it is hard to deny, especially to oneself, that perhaps there is something to this “nesting” thing.



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5 responses to “In case you were wondering what I was doing these days…

  1. Abigail

    There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with cleaning the inside of your dishwasher and washing machine. Almost everything has to be cleaned at one point or another….. Unfortunately, I decided to get my “spring cleaning” done in April before I got busy with summer and now I want to do it again before the baby comes. I’m starting to get tired out more easily though, and probably will not end up doing it. Oh well…

    ME: The reason I know it’s “nesting” and not just me is because I get really tired out too, and then I still do it. I’m looking at my kitchen light sockets and thinking, “They’re getting kind of dusty. I wonder if I can get the ladder out by myself.” But you’re right. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that! It’s perfectly normal. (Though, how do normal people keep up with all the cleaning…)

  2. Joy

    That is so funny…what is it about the laundry room? I did the same thing last time I was pregnant…cleaned the washer and dryer inside and out. I must have known somewhere in the back of my mind that the amount of laundry was about to be doubled. How does it double just by adding one baby? No idea, but somehow it did.

    Me: You weren’t supposed to remind me of that. I’d already forgotten…

  3. wow. so, as you know, i have this really awesome loft overlooking the san antonio riverwalk. i’m gone every other weekend to school. you are always welcome to come stay there while i’m out of pocket. and you know, if you happened to start taking things apart and cleaning the inside of them, well- that would be *totally* okay. really. like could i send you a plane ticket?

    Me: What? your maid doesn’t do that for you? 🙂 When Mr. F told me that you paid someone to clean your apartment, I remember thinking that would be easy money. You do have an awesome apartment, though.

  4. Anne

    I think I need to have get a nesting bug…my house probably hasn’t been thoroughly cleaned since my mom was here when T was born…um, that was 17 months ago. 🙂 Is it still nesting when you clean before your mom gets here so she doesn’t think she’s failed as a mom and hasn’t taught you all of the necessities of housekeeping??? Hmm…something to think about. 🙂

    Me: Yeah, but you have a 17-month-old. My youngest is 4. I think the reason this is all so new to me is because, one, I haven’t just moved, nor am planning to move right after the baby is born (during all three of the other pregnancies that was a factor), and two, the last time I had a baby, I had a 3-year-old and a 2-year-old. And I was working. Big difference, I’m thinking.

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