Conversations with my 6-going-on-21-year-old

I should probably start paying him for all the material he provides this blog.

Months ago, it was just S and I at the library together. We were heading towards the check-out desk when S asked, “Where is my Mom?”

“What?” I asked, confused.

“You know. Where is my big Mommy?”

“Like me? I’m your Mom.”

“No, like who am I going to marry?”

“Oh.” Wow. “Um, well… you probably haven’t met her yet. But, S, you have plenty of time. There’s no rush. You’ll meet her when you’re ready to. You’re too young to get married right now.”



The other day S asked me a question.

“How do you get married?”

“Oh,” I said distractedly. “You usually go to a church and say your vows in front of a bunch of people and then the minister marries you.”

“But, how do you find a girl to marry?”

“Oh, well… you usually meet at school or work or church. Something like that.” I said, wondering why my 6-year-old little boy has to worry about this right now.

“I want to do that.” he said matter-of-factly.


We pulled into the library parking lot and I overheard the two older boys talking.

“I like girls a little bit.” said S.

“Yeah, a little bit.” agreed C.

As we were getting out of the car, S said to me, “I need to find a good girl. To marry.”


I’m just hoping he can learn how to shower and multiply numbers before he meets “the one”.


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6 responses to “Conversations with my 6-going-on-21-year-old

  1. In answer to your tag question: Yes, they are!

    Too bad he won’t be at the international conference this year with all the chicks his age. 😉 I’m assuming that your family won’t be there considering your great expectation…

    ME: Yeah, I wish we could go. We haven’t been in 8 years and it’s always been b/c of pregnancy or moving.

  2. Jessica

    It’s so funny that you posted this today. K was just telling me this morning that S really likes girls. I asked her why she thinks that and she said that she told S that sometimes she likes to play with boy toys and he said, “well, I don’t like girl toys, but I do like girls.” My kids had a good long laugh about S liking girls!

  3. Ha ha! You have to admire his ambition. Not many six-year-olds think about their future beyond, “But I don’t want to eat this for dinner… it looks gross.” Come to think of it, there are a lot of grown-ups who don’t think much about their future, either. He’s just ahead of the game.

    Look at it this way: he might be proposing to someone on the playground at the tender age of 8, but maybe he’ll be able to support you by the time he’s 18.

    Me: Good point!

  4. Mr. French

    [In a rare appearance on this blog, Mr. French comments …]

    I’m with Jamie.

    Who needs showers and multiplication tables anyway – except to encourage Providence, as it were, to bring a lovely lady and good friend into your life to marry.

    I know … cuz it worked for me.


    Me: That’s nice honey. But are you saying you didn’t know how to shower before we met? 🙂

  5. Mr. French

    In order to genuinely be Mr. French, I need to know not only how the French speak, but also how they smell!


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