The price I pay to have children who independently dress themselves.



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3 responses to “The price I pay to have children who independently dress themselves.

  1. Jan

    Boston, who will be seven in a few weeks, tends to match his shirt to his pants. This morning, for our 7:30 “nature walk” it was a goldenrod-and-orange t-shirt, reddish-orange silky sports shorts (Grandma says “yuk”), and red Crocs. Oh My Aching Eyes. But he told me our nature walks are his favorite time of the day, so as far as I’m concerned he can wear whatever he wants!

    (Did Mr. French pass my message along last night? I hope you’re feeling un-big enough to come to the company picnic. I’m longing to meet you!)

    Me: Yes! Why do kids think matching means the same color? My kids like to put camo shorts with camo t-shirts, even if it’s not the same kind of camouflage. And, no, Mr. French did not pass the message on. 🙂 (which is not unlike him to forget.) We’re still thinking about it though.

  2. Alyssa

    Haha, how cute! I remember saying I’d never let my children wear mis-match clothes… things change when you become a mom!

  3. Woman with the Yellow Hat

    Not only am I reading, but I’m noting that you made your three goal and that kids who are old enough to get dressed and talk make postings so much easier!

    Me: Wow! The first time you’ve ever commented! But I do agree. Which is why I don’t discourage them from picking out their own clothes and doing everything they can for themselves.

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