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The difference between the first and the fourth is drama.

To be honest, I haven’t really noticed a difference between having a boy versus a girl. At this point, Felicity does the same things her brothers did.

Eat, sleep, and you know.

And then she does it all again.

But I have noticed a difference between having the first baby (and even the second and third) and the fourth.

Observe, if you will.

(I must apologize for these first three photos, as it was pre-digital age and I don’t have a scanner.)


The first child.


The second child.


The third child.


And now, the fourth child.


C: “Can I take a picture?”
“Okay, sure.”


“Oh, another one?”


“Okay, just one more.”
S: “But I want to take one!”
“Okay, S takes one and then we’re done.”


J: “I want to take one!”


“Not that button, the other button.”
“Hold it still. No, press the other button.”


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I think I broke the rules. (I still get to keep her, don’t I?)

It wasn’t totally my fault though.

So, Felicity had an appointment and had her PKU test done. Which is a little blood test. And as per usual with babies, she got a little bit of blood on her yellow sleeper. It was a light cotton knit sleeper not one of those heavier terry cloth sleepers, which is kind of sad that it’s too warm for those because I love little babies in those sleepers, which is really off point right now. Anyway, Mr. French went to get a new sleeper for her and he came back with a blue one.

“Oh, I wasn’t going to put that on her. I just had that in there in case we had a boy.”

“But I think it’s such a pretty color blue.”

“Yeah.” I paused. “But people are going to think she’s a boy wearing that.”

“Oh, I don’t think so.”


But I couldn’t really say too much, because, one, her Daddy just picked out her clothes for her and that was very helpful to me and two, you never want to discourage Daddys (daddies? what is the plural form?) from helping out when they can. Right? Right.

Now fast forward to the afternoon. We decided to go try out a Dollar Theatre to see a movie. We always go out the first week we have a new baby, because Mr. French isn’t working and we usually have free babysitting and newborns are (for us anyway) at their easiest. By a series of boring events, Mr. French packed the diaper bag (with me on the phone!) and got her in her carseat and ready to go. And that’s when I remembered the whole thing about the blue sleeper.

“Maybe we shouldn’t correct people when they assume she’s a boy, so they don’t wonder why we put her in a blue sleeper.”

“Honey, you’ve mentioned that blue sleeper like 6 times now. I don’t think it matters.”

“But she looks like a boy.”

“She can never look like a boy.”


So we’re standing in line at the theatre and a woman holding a one-year-old peeks into the carseat.

“Oh, he’s a new one.”

We smiled.

“How old is he?”

“Ummm. Four days old.”

“Oh, you just got back home from the hospital.” she said incredulously.

“Well, my Mom has my huh, older boys, so we thought we’d make a date of it.”

“Oh, that’s so nice. So you have other kids?”

“Yeah, three boys. The other three are boys.” This is awkward.

“This is my 4th too. They grow up so fast.”

“They do.”

Relieved to be going into a dark theatre.

Fast forward to the restaurant.

I had nursed her, and she was sleeping in my arms when the waitress noticed how young she was.

“Oh, he’s so tiny. How old is he?”

“4 days old.”

“Oh, my goodness. What is his name?”

Whoa, hadn’t thought of that question!

“Umm, actually, it’s a girl. We have three boys and we were starting to run out of clothes.” (Sort of. Not exactly, though.)

“Oh, I’m sorry. I just saw the blue and assumed.”

“Oh, no problem. She looks like a boy when she’s wearing blue.”

“Oh, no she doesn’t. She’s adorable. What is her name?”


“Oh, that is so precious.”

So, that went as well as could be expected. (That’s a line from Wallace and Gromit.)

When we got home, we had two packages of pretty pink clothes sitting in our mailbox.

I think it’s a sign.



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Let the doting begin…

The boys insisted on throwing a Birth Day Party for Felicity yesterday.


Grandma was more than willing to oblige.


On the way to the store, the boys thought about what a little girl would like. At first, the suggestions were along the lines of Star Wars, cars, swords, and legos.


But when they got to the store, they oohed and awed over all the pink frilly things.



The doll was also their idea.


Felicity was not yet 24 hours old.



We are in serious trouble folks.


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I’m typing one-handed.


And we finally (finally!) had a baby!

I haven’t even figured out how long it actually took.

But I guess what you really want to know is that it was a….


And she has a name!

Felicity Ruth

And how about a little irony. She came 3 days late (or 2, depending on how you count it) and was born 8-11-08 at 5:27 p.m. and weighed in at 8 lbs. 8 oz.. So, we got the 8-8 in there somewhere. She has dark hair and maybe dark eyes, it’s hard to tell.

The boys are very excited and her parents are just very relieved that it’s all over.

Or just the beginning….


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Isn’t this how first time parents are supposed to be?

(Intro here. First birth. Second birth.)

For our third child, we were living in Maryland and had decided to use a birthing center about ten minutes from our house. We were told that the third baby is almost always the “odd one”. They don’t typically follow the labor pattern set by the first two. In spite of this, our biggest concern was that I’d have the baby in the car, or possibly, unintentionally at home. We practiced the back way of going to the birthing center, in case of traffic, and timed our ride there several times just to make sure we had it down.

We also had the concern about having two little boys to think about. The birthing center had a nice waiting room, stocked with toys and videos, so in a pinch, we could head over there with the kids, and let them play in another room, while we waited for friends to come to pick them up or stay with them.

The plans were in place. One of my best friends, Jenn, who lived in D.C. at the time, was going to come and watch the birth (if she wasn’t at work), a friend from church volunteered to come and watch the kids, if needed, and then my niece and her husband decided to come up and visit, with the added benefit that they would be around to stay with the boys, should it happen during the middle of the night.

The morning of my due date dawned. Like clockwork, I lost my mucus plug. We got excited and called our friends to let them know and then called the birthing center. I was having a few contractions, though nothing too hard. We quickly took showers and got ready.

Of course, by the time we got there, nothing was happening. They started a saline lock to start the I.V. antibiotics because of my positive strep B test. I finished that and it was pretty obvious nothing was going on. It was decided that we would go home and wait. While I could’ve come back in every 6 hours for the antibiotics, we decided that I could just administer the I.V. while at home.

My friend, Julie, offered to stay and watch the boys if we wanted to try to rest or whatever and I tried to sleep but really couldn’t. I think we spent the afternoon just talking and relaxing. Jenn showed up as soon as she could after work and then my niece and her husband arrived from North Carolina. It was like one big party. I was having occasional contractions. A few times in the evening, I remember they made me stop and pay attention, but they still were not bad at all. I don’t remember getting anxious about it, because I knew I was going into labor soon.

The party continued on. Finally, Julie, who had stayed all day, decided to go home to her husband around 9 or 10 p.m.. She was somewhat interested in being there for the birth as she had never seen one, so she and Jenn made plans to call when it was close (probably during transition). My niece decided to go to bed and then Jenn, Mr. French, and I kept talking until finally, at midnight, we decided we really needed to get to bed.

Of course, that’s when I started to have the harder contractions. They were 30 minutes apart, so I slept well in between. After a couple of hours, they started to pick up in frequency and intensity. About 2:30 a.m. I woke Mr. F up and said I thought we should go to the birthing center. He called ahead, woke Jenn up and got the car ready. By now, I couldn’t talk through them and had some difficulty getting down the stairs and out to the car. I laid down in the back seat while Mr. French drove through the dark streets.

I was mentally preparing myself to not be as far along as I hoped I was. I said to myself, I hope I’m at least a 6, but then wondered if I should lower it to a 5, just in case. I think I knew it wasn’t going as quickly as the last two times, but I was still hoping it wouldn’t go on too much longer. When we got there and the midwife checked me, I was a 6. I decided to try the whirlpool and I labored in there for what seemed like forever. The contractions were hard and I just felt like it was taking forever. Of course, it’s all relative, but I had become so accustomed to labor going quickly. The midwife checked me again and I was only a 7.

Jenn decided to call Julie, just to let her know things were progressing and to see if she wanted to come over. After the call, she came and told us that Julie had decided not to come after all. I didn’t blame her at all. In fact, I was thinking at the time, I would do anything right now to trade positions with her, all snug in her bed. I was so tired and ready to be done.

They talked me into getting out of the tub and going to the bathroom. When I got back out, I laid on the bed. I was feeling discouraged by how long it was taking. By now it was getting close to 5 a.m. and I had been in labor for about 5 hours. Longer than I had ever been. At this point, another woman came in close to delivery and so my midwife was moving between the two rooms until the second midwife could arrive to take over. The nurse stayed pretty close to our room. At one point, as things were intensifying, the midwife asked if I felt like pushing.

I said, “I don’t think so.” She left the room for a second.

But the very next contraction sent her running back in the room. She said she could hear the change in my voice. She checked me and I was complete.

At this point, Mr. French asked if he could help deliver the baby. I wasn’t too excited about it because I was comfortable with where he was supporting me, but I knew he really wanted to be at the other end and see the baby come into the world. He had wanted to do that the last two times, but hadn’t ever asked. So I agreed. The midwife showed him where to put his hands to support the perineum when I pushed. The nurse was at my side to help coach. Mr. French, following directions exactly, placed his hands in the proper place.

It was all I could do to get out the following words. “Too. Much. Pressure!” He immediately removed his hands. Then the midwife helped him get it right the second time.

Again, I pushed with contractions and it didn’t take too long before the baby finally made his way out into his father’s hands at 5:35 a.m.

Another boy. He was the first one with dark wavy hair like me and dark eyes like his father. He was 8 lbs. 3 oz.

The other woman, who had come in after me, delivered before me, was ready to leave before I was. Jenn had seen her in the hallway and said, “I didn’t want to tell you this, but she was wearing a dress walking out of here. You wouldn’t have believed she just had a baby.” This, of course, as opposed to me, slowing shuffling out, dressed in a baggy t-shirt and shorts, out-of-breath as I made my way to the car at least an hour after she had left.

Oh, well. We can’t all be superheroes.

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Maybe not quite like that.

We were driving home from church last night and we passed a field.

“Oh, look! It’s a mommy deer and her baby!” I said, pointing out the window.

“The baby came?!” exclaimed C from the backseat.


We were talking on the way to church about how the baby hasn’t come yet (and probably how annoying it is).

J said to his grandmother, “Mommy will get bigger and bigger and then pop!”

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That could’ve been us!

But I’m not bitter.

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