My age is catching up with me.

That’s the only thing I can conclude at this point.

Last Saturday, we went to family picnic hosted by Mr. French’s work place. They had all kinds of fun stuff for the kids including a jump-in castle, face-painting, balloon artists and toy prizes.

Tigers! and

Monkeys! and

Snakes! Oh my!

Fun was had by all.

I got to meet many of Mr. French’s co-workers for the first time.

On Monday one of them asked him, “How old is your wife? She looks like she’s twenty.”

Which is a good two years older than the last time someone asked.

I think my age is catching up with me.


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5 responses to “My age is catching up with me.

  1. Jan

    I, for one, am thinkin’ Mr. French is one lucky dawg.

    I was so glad to get to meet you. Hope the l&d goes very well and will be keeping my ear to the ground for good news.

    Me: Thanks. It was nice to meet you too. And I’m sure you’ll hear about it as soon as it happens.

  2. That and you’re like 9 months pregnant, right? I am just under 7 months and from the pics I have seen, have probably already gained twice as much weight as you.

    Does Mr. French look, uh, old?

    Me: Weeeell. He looks older than me! But then, he is older. I’d say he looks his age and I don’t. (And I wouldn’t mind keeping it that way.) (The part about me. I don’t care whether he looks his age or not.)

  3. Anne

    I say “Go with it!” šŸ™‚ The blessings to having married “older” men! I can say that because M is 3 years older than me…although I must say that I haven’t been asked if I was 18 or 20 since I was in college…hmm, maybe I’ve aged more in the past 5 years than you have…;)

  4. Colleen

    Oh come on, Anne…remember while we were getting our pedicures a few months ago? (Maybe that’s what you need right now, Rach, some serious pampering.) The girl asked if school was out that day…and we both just smiled contentedly and sighed. Although my skeptical husband said she probably said that just to get a better tip. Humph. I’m still going to bask in the glorious memory of that moment…for a long time.

    Me: You both look young for your age. And Chris was probably just jealous. šŸ™‚

    Sigh. I’m planning to ride the train until it throws me off. (and I make no promise I won’t dye my hair if necessary.)

    That just reminded me of another story. When I was 27 and pregnant with J, the worst question was whether this was my first b/c everyone was so shocked that it was my 3rd. One nurse (I was at work at the time) asked me, in an accusatory way, after finding out it was my 3rd, “Are you 18?!” I’ve always wondered how she thought I’d finished 4 years of college and had three kids by the time I was 18. I guess I should’ve been flattered.

  5. Colleen

    By the way, that was some fierce face-painting!

    Me: Wasn’t it? I was really impressed with both the make-up artist and the balloon people.

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