Now tell me what you really think.

I’m curious to know what the majority of people think we’re going to have. And I wanted a way to keep it anonymous (if you so choose). (I get the impression that most people are hoping we have a girl.)

So check out my handy dandy poll. And vote.

Really, really soon because I’m due any minute now.

And then leave a comment with what you think, to the best of your knowledge, we’re going to name the baby (boy or girl or both). Go on. Just try to guess.

I’m 100% sure you will not, no matter how long you’ve known us or not known us, be able to guess the middle name we’ve picked out for a boy. You might think you’re at a disadvantage if you don’t know our kid’s names in real life, but trust me when I say, it would not help you.

You could possibly guess the first name. It’s not weird or uncommon. But not the middle name. Go on and try to prove me wrong.

And for the record:

We didn’t make it up.
We’ve never told anyone.
And it’s been on our list since before we had our first son.

And now you’re hoping we have a boy just so you can find out, huh?

Now the girl name, you might be able to guess. I don’t know.

I mean, I really don’t know what it’s going to be. We haven’t picked one out yet. So maybe you should be thinking of your guess as more of a suggestion.

As in, I suggest you get your act together because you’re having a baby in a matter of hours and dude, you’ve had like 40 weeks to think about it.

We’ve actually been thinking about it for the last 8 1/2 years to be exact and I think we’re going to have to actually have a baby girl sitting on our laps before we can decide.



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14 responses to “Now tell me what you really think.

  1. I won’t lie, I voted girl.

    Okay, based on what every single person in the entire world is naming their baby girl I will guess Madeline, Addison, Isabella or Emily. Not to say that you are not original or that trendy is bad, just statistically speaking…

    Boy? Using the same reasoning; Aiden, Jacob, Jayden, Brayden, Cayden, something like that. Ooh, and Silas. That’s the hot new one in Christian boy baby names.

    Are you offering a prize?

    Me: If you guessed both the first and second name I’d give you a prize.

  2. Anne

    So either you’re in labor and this is how you’re killing time (Colleen and I were wondering after reading your FB status yesterday…) or I don’t know…

    I think Renae (or spelled with 2 “e”s) will be your girls name. I actually dreamt last night (when I thought you were already in labor) that you named your little girl Renae Drake. Don’t know why that came up…

    If it’s a boy, maybe something Biblical, like Elijah or Judah or possibly something Reformed, like Edward or Martin.

    I’m not going to even BOTHER guessing on middle names…I have no idea how people come up with them…sometimes they’re family names and other times they are just names they’ve liked.

    Me: Yeah, that’s why it would be impossible to guess our middle name. They’re all either “famous” people (historic) or family names or both. Though the boy’s name we have picked out is not a family name, so our family is not at an advantage in the game.

    Drake is an interesting girl’s name I would never have thought of.

  3. Jessica

    I voted for girl too, although really I have no clue, and I usually guess wrong, which means it will probably be a boy.

    As for names, since you’ve never even given a hint as to what girl names you like, again, I have no clue. But since you want us to guess, how about Elise?

    For boys names, I’m guessing Abraham for the middle name. πŸ˜‰ Actually I’m quite certain that you ruled that out because of the initial thing, but I’m still going to guess it.

    Me: The reason we’ve never given a clue as to what we like is that Mr.F and I disagree on what we like. Which is why there is nothing “in the can” for a girl this time. It will come down to who will give in first and who will win.

  4. Okay, for a middle name, is it: Athanasius? Herodotus? Josephus? Mahershalalhashbaz? (Don’t check my spelling. I didn’t.)

    Me: You speak Mr. F’s language. He really pushed for Jacobus for our first born. It’s the Dutch form of Jacob, pronounced with a ‘Y’ sound for the ‘J’. So glad that didn’t work out.

    A middle name that he would really love to use but he will never get to as long as I’m the one giving birth is ‘Bezaleel’. He was the chief artist of the tabernacle. Can’t say I’m sad that hasn’t worked out either.

  5. No idea on the gender. I’m a terrible guesser.

    Which means that you are probably not going to name him (if it is a he) Everett Leif, but I’ll register that guess anyway.

    I’m useless when it comes to naming a baby girl. We had trouble picking a name out for our own daughter. We had it narrowed down to three names before she got here, but we didn’t actually chose one until she had been in the world for an hour or so.

    Me: I like the name Everett. I like unusual names. I’ve always wanted to name a boy Oliver. I don’t think I’ll get to.

    I think if we could name a girl in an hour, we’d be doing really well.

  6. FYI, I am taking a gamble by saying this but I bet I am right that it’s a girl. I have historically had a perfect accuracy record when guessing a baby’s gender…once even before the child was conceived.

    I like Herodotus. I am considering naming my baby some outrageous Greek name just because I am Greek and I can.

    Me: I’m usually pretty good at guessing people that I know. And when I think I know (for myself) I’ve been right, but I really don’t have a strong feeling either way with this one. So we’ll see if you’re right. I am getting anxious to know already, though.

    But you’re also half Hungarian too. πŸ™‚

  7. Boy – Matthew Alastair or Thomas Lowell

    Girl – Olivia Grace or Hannah Rose

    I’m hoping for a girl! But as we both know from experience…boys are awesome! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    Me: Matthew Alastair, while a fine name in and of itself, would have the initials MAD, if we used it. πŸ™‚
    I like the name Thomas, but Mr.F doesn’t.

    Olivia could take the place of my Oliver. Would O.D. have bad connotations? I guess that’s why we stick to consonants.

  8. redchampagne

    So the girls currently have it although not by much. I would thought there would be a stronger majority.

    This is all a very nice distraction though.

  9. Jan

    Listen, I depend on Mr. French for my sanity at work, so please don’t wait until late Monday night to go into labor.

    And, by the way, I’m very partial to boys. But our little Ridley is very sweet. Most of the time. So you would enjoy having a girl. And based on Tyler’s reactions, Mr. F would LOVE having a daughter, I’m sure. Go for it! (Good luck – you’re in my thoughts constantly, if he’s passing my messages along.)

  10. Jan

    And after thinking about my last post all night, I have to say this: If I ruled the [VH] world, Mr. French (and every male employee) would get two weeks paid paternity leave for the birth of his baby, regardless of how recently he started with the company. I think it’s unconscionable that he has to take two precious vacation days and come right back to work. I do believe he’s being abused by his management, but that’s a topic for a whole other blog!

    Today’s the day! Labor well. πŸ™‚

    Me: He’s never gotten paternity leave, so I guess we’re used to it. It’s a nice thought though. πŸ™‚

    I will try (to labor well). I just hope it goes fast.

  11. the other kansan

    Well, you only have something like 15 hours (I was never very good at figuring time with so many zones to go thru–why can’t I just stay in the same one all my life?) in order to have a baby on 08/08/08. The Chinese seem to think there’s something special about it so there must be!

    Me: Oh, no, now we’re down to less than 12 hours! Mr. F predicted I’d go into labor today but deliver on 8/9/08, just to be annoying. I could care less at this point. I’d really like to not be pregnant next week though.

  12. Julie Jaroski

    My vote is for a girl, though boys go awfully well in your home. As far as a name, I know you like different, (Mr F. never follows the crowd…so refreshing in this sea of do like everyone else…) so I would presume your name will be beautiful and a smidge off beat. We know you will choose perfectly and also continue to keep you in our prayers.

  13. Jan

    Have you ruled out Ds for first initials? I just saw the name Delphine and think that’s gorgeous. Delphine D_.

  14. Jan

    Tell Mr. F this is where it’s from — my son’s program notes for the Mendelssohn Piano Concerto #1: Mendelssohn was on his way to Italy in 1830 when he stopped off in Munich. He visited with and played for Goethe, who was reluctant for him to leaveβ€”throwing parties and inviting the finest society to entice his young guest (then just twenty-one) to stay a bit longer. Finally they parted ways, and Goethe sent a portrait of himself to Mendelssohn afterwards. The composer’s diary from the trip next records meeting a young and beautiful pianist, Delphine von Schauroth, to whom he dedicated the Piano Concerto No. 1. They met frequently, and Mendelssohn was quite taken with her. “When the day before yesterday we played together for the first time,” he writes to his sister, Fanny, “she made an extraordinary impression on me. Yesterday I heard her play alone and again I admired her very much.”

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