Back when I was still sick in bed with this pregnancy, I wrote out two of my birth stories. But I never published them. I hesitated for several reasons, but mostly because I wondered if anyone would find them interesting or too personal. I enjoy reading other people’s birth stories but I can imagine it would not appeal to everyone. 

Reading over them, I wish I could edit them to be a little lighter and more funny, but I wrote them going on my memory (helped with the baby books) and how I remember feeling. 

I have yet to write my third son’s birth story, and I suspect that if I publish these first two I might never get around to writing the other one. But, having said all that, I’ve decided to go ahead and publish them.

After reading them, you can tell me how spoiled I am when it comes to labor and delivery. I already know it, but you can tell me anyway.



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4 responses to “Prelude

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  2. So does this mean you didn’t give birth to #4 yet?

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