Things to do while waiting for a baby.

1. Google “Chinese Gender Chart”.

2. Click on a link that looks interesting.

3. Try to figure out which month each child was conceived in.

4. Then try to remember how old I was at the time.

5. Almost give up because it’s taking too much brain power.

6. Finally figure it out.

7. Take note that the Chinese Lunar Calendar was accurate for the first two children but not for the third.

8. Then realize that this current (Yes, I’m still pregnant!) baby is supposed to be a boy.

9. Ponder whether the Chinese Lunar Calendar is going to be accurate 3/4 of the time or since it was wrong last time it’s going to be wrong this time, as a way of compensating.

10. Notice that the polls show it is accurate 70-something percent of the time.

11. Consider the possibility that there’s no definitive way of knowing until the child makes his or her appearance.

12. Realize that you’ve just successfully wasted 13 minutes of your non-laboring due date.



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2 responses to “Things to do while waiting for a baby.

  1. Colleen

    Well, that was interesting.

    If it’s any consolation, that chart was accurate with my first, but not my second. So that’s only 50/50 with me…which statistically is as good as anyone’s guess!

    Glad to hear you’re spending your time so wisely while you wait. 😉

  2. Jan

    The chart was 100% accurate for me. Wish we had had the internet 1000 years ago – err, 35 and 33 years ago – when we didn’t have sonograms to tell us the sex ahead of time. I know you’re not into that, but I would have been.

    My doctor kept telling me mine were girls, and I would cry all the way home from his office. My mother had told me I didn’t want to have a girl, “she’d be just like you and nobody would want that.” Yeah, my mom’s the best. Especially to adopt a child!

    Sorry you missed 08/08/08. That would have been a kick. But today would be good, too.

    Thinking of you constantly. Sending good vibes (as we old folks say).

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