A moment in time.

It has been four weeks since I gave birth!

That’s like a month! How is that even possible? (I know. I know. I’m going to be saying that at kindergarten graduation, high school, college and then at her wedding. But still. A month!)

I’ve been trying to figure out a way to say this but it’s almost too hard to put into words.

But I’ll try anyway.

Yesterday we had a cold morning. We’d left our windows open overnight and the inside temp when we got up was in the lower 60s. So I pulled out some long pajama bottoms to put on before I made breakfast and I slipped into my warmer slippers and I suddenly flashed back to a moment or moments when I wore that “outfit” for days on end. I remembered something that I didn’t even have to try to forget.

I suddenly had that same feeling of wretchedness, of nausea, of dizziness, of dread, of wanting food and wanting nothing to do with food at the same time, that I had from the end of December to April.

How is it that one can feel that bad for months, day after day, week after week, losing several pounds a week, feeling weak and dizzy and then in a moment, it fades to the back.

How is it that nine months feels like two years and one month feels like a day?

How is it so easy to forget?

I guess it’s as many people have said.

The world would not be peopled if it were not so.



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2 responses to “A moment in time.

  1. Anne

    I don’t want to wish away B’s babyhood, but since today was my first day all by myself with both T & B, I found myself wondering how I was going to do this until she was able to do more, go longer in between feedings, etc. But I just told M last night how fast the time is going to go with her bring tiny. I guess we both know it since we’ve been through it with T…day by day tend to creep, but in the long run, months fly by!

  2. Ok
    First time reader and it looks like you had the same dilemma we have now over the baby girl names. Please head on over to my latest post and weigh in on what I am talking about – as well I love the name Felicity… it is so girly yet not common or lame.

    We seem to have the same standards in naming so if you have any awesome “rejected” names I would happily steal them from you!

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