It’s feels like I’m on a rollercoaster….

Up and down.  Up and Down.

Things are looking good, things are looking bad.

I want my boring life back.

Oh, yeah. I’ve never had one of those.

So, in lieu of a real post, I thought I’d give you something else to read. And if you’re like me right now, you’d prefer something funny. So, I give you….

It’s Lovely, I’ll take it-Reading this will make you feel much better about the house you’re trying to sell.

Thoughts from a two-month old-As the mother of a two-month-old, I can attest to the accuracy of this post.

The best discription of a blog I’ve ever seen-Of course it’s not referring to my blog. Just all the other ones.

And another picture of my baby. ‘Cuz she makes me smile too.


And now that the baby acne is gone, she’s losing her hair.

Who said being a baby was easy?


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3 responses to “It’s feels like I’m on a rollercoaster….

  1. redchampagne

    So the pictures on my computer seem to be getting progressively bigger.

    I wish I knew how I did that. I’m pretty sure I couldn’t repeat it if I wanted to.

  2. Anne

    Cute. Felicity is sooooo pretty. Amen on life as a baby not being easy…Bria tells me all about it all the time. 😉 She’s starting to lose her hair too.

  3. Deborah

    Felicity is adorable.

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