A tag!

I’ve been tagged by my pregnancy twin*/best commenter, Anne. (Not to be exclusive or anything, but she definitely would win the ‘Most prolific commentator on that Moving blog’ bloggy badge.) (If I gave out those kind of awards.) (Or knew how to make bloggy badges.) (Which I don’t.) (But maybe I should.) (But I’d have to know how to do more than post a picture on a free blog.) (Which I don’t.) (But maybe I should.) (I think I’m just annoying all the English majors now.) (Pllffft!) (Oh, sorry. That was too much spit.) (I hate it when that happens.)

So, anyway.

Here are the rules:

1. go to your documents/pictures.
2. go to your 6th file.
3. go to your 6th picture.
4. blog about it.
5. tag 6 people …

And, now what do I have. Oh, right, this one.

6th picture from my 6th file

Look how young he is. And blonde. A summer spent in the sun.

What’s funny about this picture is that it’s not even my picture. It’s from my Mom’s camera. I was trying to help her out while we were on vacation. (It didn’t really help, but that’s another story.) This was taken in the house we rented while we were looking for this house after we’d first moved in Ohio, from France, by way of Texas. I didn’t mind that house, except that there were far too many spiders in the basement and the back room leaked when it rained. I loved the little town we lived in then though.

So, now I’ll tag The Other Kansan, Abby, Alaina, Jessica, Sarah, and Joy  (on the off chance she’s reading and decides to update her blog, pretty please!) if you want to do it. And all you people with private blogs are very thankful they’re private, huh? 


*Not to be confused with a pregnant twin, of which I do not have.



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3 responses to “A tag!

  1. I sort of did it (though I changed the rules).

  2. I’m blushing. Really. I am. The best commenter? Is that a good thing? Whoops, here I go again, commenting on your blog. 🙂 I like the pregnancy twin thing, though, even though your little girl is a couple of weeks older than mine. But you went past your due date too. Just not a week past. Sometime these little girls will have to meet…are you planning any trips to Kansas in the near future? (Does it bother you when I ramble on so incoherently on your blog???) Whatever gets me the best commenter badge though… 😉

  3. I finally did this, almost a month after you posted it.
    Hope you all are doing well!

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