And so she crawls.

Although she prefers to do it when no one is watching.


(Yes, my kids are loud.)


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7 responses to “And so she crawls.

  1. Patti

    oh she is cute! It hard to believe she is old enough to crawl!!! They grow so fast.

  2. Anne

    Wow, crawling already!? That’s impressive. But I guess seeing those brothers of hers moving all around is motivation to join them, huh? 🙂

  3. redchampagne

    Is that why our oldest was the latest crawler? I think he was 8 months or something.

  4. Anne

    Tyler was pretty late to start crawling too. I think he was around 8 months too. But once he did, he accomplished the other milestones (pulling himself up, cruising, taking his first steps, etc). pretty quickly…all within 3 months of that, I think. I’m scared to think of what will happen if Bria starts crawling soon…:) She could be walking by 9 months and that would just be WEIRD!!!

  5. Abigail

    Neither of my older kids crawled until around 8 months, so that motivation must not have worked in our family. And, no, Isabelle is not crawling yet either. oh well… I actually kind of love the fact that I can put her down somewhere and find her in basically the same place when I come back.

  6. redchampagne

    Yeah, I would not be jealous of me. She’s still so little that being able to crawl just means she can get herself into trouble and then she cries until you get her out. She can see me in the kitchen, so she heads that way, then gets stuck and cries. Plus, when they’re older when they learn you can teach them how to go up and down stairs easily whereas a six-month-old is not really there yet. But it’s fun to see her progressing too.

  7. Aww she is so cute! Hope all is well. God Bless


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