It just comes naturally…

monkey see, monkey do

to monkey-boys.



Filed under Boys will be boys

3 responses to “It just comes naturally…

  1. Esther

    We used to LOVE to do that when we were kids. We’ve have races to see who could get up to the top the fastest. 🙂

    Me: I remember my grandparents being very impressed that we could do it. I think we used to see who could stay up the longest.

  2. abigail

    Perhaps their mother was showing off her skills?

    Me: Very funny. I was actually taken aback when he did it without anyone showing him and then I realized that that’s how most kids do it. (and neither of his older brothers has figured it out yet.)

  3. april emerson

    i got my first spanking in elementary school for doing this in the girl’s bathroom. ha!

    Me: Wow, I never would’ve expected that! Maybe because you were raised in the South?

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