Kids: they make you liars 2.0

Felicity, I’ve mentioned before, does not like (i.e. to be held by, sit on laps of, take food from) people she does not know.

And by “know”, I mean people she sees every single day.


We went to see my parents last weekend. And no, it wasn’t Grandma, who was there the day she was born, who bought her her first doll or a beautiful fluffy new dress. No, it was her Aunt Abigail, who had a baby girl a few weeks before Felicity herself was born.

The funny thing was that she seemed to genuinely mistake her Aunt for me. She would climb on her lap, crawl after her when she left the room and then be surprised when she noticed me sitting on the other side of the room.

I suppose there’s some resemblance between us (we’re sisters after all), and it was pointed out, we were practically wearing the same outfit (that we totally, like, planned the night before on the phone. “What are you wearing?” “No, like, what are you gonna wear?”) but still.

She made her cousin, Isabelle, a little jealous and Abigail had to carry them both around at one point.


And then on Sunday, she randomly wanted to get on the lap of a complete stranger in the church nursery who was also holding a baby and Cheerios.

The words “exception” and “rules” are springing to mind.


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One response to “Kids: they make you liars 2.0

  1. Anne

    Well, when Tyler was little (really little, like 6 weeks old), Colleen watched him while I went for my 6 week checkup. I don’t think he minded one bit…apparently we look and/or sound enough alike that he’s never had any trouble going to her. We’ll see if the same will hold true with Bria (she’s been more of a mama’s girl from the start) whenever we get to see them again. But hey, don’t knock it, right? At least they’ll go to SOMEONE other than us. 🙂

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