Fishing is for the birds.

(My best blog post titles are never acknowledged.)

(Just thought I’d point that out.)

(And now you’re beginning to think that this post is about “fishing” for compliments.)

(But then you’d be wrong.)

(Sort of.)

Salmon fishing

My Dad invited all his children to come for the weekend so that all the guys (his son and sons-in-law) could go fishing on Lake Michigan.

Ouch. Stop twisting our arms.

A hazy view of Chicago

The Chicago skyline from Lake Michigan.

"Hey, are you caught?"

They caught a fish.

that's a lot of fish

Actually, they caught a lot of fish.

Did you catch a bird?

And they sort of caught a bird too.

Hitchcock: The Birds, anyone?

Or, perhaps more accurately…

He ate the bird too.

the bird caught them.

a picture worth a thousand words

And then they adopted him as their own and fed him all the flies he would eat.

he adopted them as his own, too.

But they didn’t give him a name, which, I think, is a testament to the lack of females aboard.

That's a lot of fish

And I didn’t hear any of the females complaining about that fact.

(For those of you who know us, from the left, my brother Sam, Mr French, my brother-in-law Dan, two friends of my Dad’s, and my Dad. My older sister and her family were not able to come.)

(Photos credit goes to Mr. French.)


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