Well, if that’s the way you’re going to bee.

As many of you know, we live in two places. (all at once! we’re so special!)

We go back “home” every weekend. (we’re soooo hip and cool.)

This last time we were home, I went out on the back deck to clean out my vacuum canister (Wait? I have to clean two houses? by myself?!)

and I noticed quite a few bees buzzing around (exotic! yes?)

and then one stung me. (not. cool.)

(on second thought, maybe “exotic” isn’t the quite the right word to describe “ohio”)

Of course, I had to check the joint out.

Try not to be jealous.

Apparently, they decided to take advantage of the whole you’re not-around-much-so-you-won’t-mind-if-we-move-in-for-good thing we’ve got going on. (hold the “hip” part too. I don’t think we need it anymore.)

like, really take advantage.

And now you’re thinking having one house is good enough, huh?

Bee Special!

Yeah. We’re “special” alright.

Sooo special.

Photos were taken (bravely) by Mr. French.



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8 responses to “Well, if that’s the way you’re going to bee.

  1. Jessica

    WOW! That thing is huge! What are you going to do?

  2. Rebekah

    WOW!! I’ve never seen a hive that large before…what kind of bees are they?

  3. redchampagne

    No idea on both counts. I’ve never seen a hive that large before either, let alone right outside my back door.

    Someone at church suggested spraying them and then running. I half considered somehow knocking down the hive but I didn’t have a good exit strategy in mind.

  4. Crafty Mom

    Wow! Not a good thing. They do make a spray that goes about 18 feet. You wait til dark, and then spray the nest til it is soaked. Or, you might just call an exterminator…and let him get stung.

  5. Jael

    Aunt Rachel, did you get honey from your bee hive?

  6. Anne

    Yeah, I’ve heard of waiting until dusk so they’re sleepy (or something like that), but I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t mess with it. I’d gladly pay someone to take care of that for me.

  7. redchampagne

    Good question, Jael, but even if there was honey to get, I would not be the one doing so.

    You all will be happy to note that Mr. French has already called an exterminator. 🙂

  8. I would say that an exterminator would be the best option! =) I think if that were in my family the smack and run would be the method of choice. Or, the throw a ball and try to knock it down and run method. The Boyle family likes to look danger in the eyes! (either that, or we’re just not the smartest bunch! I personally hate anything that can sting, so I would have called someone else to deal with it!)

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