You know you move a lot when….

1. You have to forward your mail from two different addresses. (Personally, I’ve had to do it from three.)

2. It physically pains you to get rid of perfectly good boxes. You know you’ll need them again someday.

3. You look forward to moving because you can stop cleaning the house three weeks prior. (You’ll never have to clean that bathroom again!)

4. You run out of space on those forms that ask for your addresses for the last 7 years. (Five lines might not be enough, people!)

5. You have to write all your prior addresses in your address book just to keep them all straight.

6. You can’t relate to people when they say they still have boxes not unpacked from their move 6 years ago. (Seriously?)

7. Though you completely understand when they talk about long-term storage in another state.

8. You’re moving next Tuesday and only one box is packed and you’re not at all worried. Okay, maybe a little bit. But it can’t be as bad as that other move.

9. When people ask where you’re from, you sigh and ask how much time they have. And then you say that, no, you’re not in the military.

10. And true confession time…You start planning the funny change-of-address e-mails that you’re known for, months in advance. In fact, you have two sitting in your drafts folder and one in your head and you just can’t decide which one to send.

I can’t be the only one! Right?

(crickets chirping)

C’mon! Tell me what you love or hate about moving!

(When I read this to Mr. French, he said, “the funny thing is that none of them are an exaggeration.”  “Yeah, I know.” said I.)



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5 responses to “You know you move a lot when….

  1. Jan

    When my first husband and I were on our eighth anniversary, we were on our eighth move. He was a bit unstable. (No, I do not think you and Mr. French are unstable. Truly, I don’t. My husband was flighty. Mr. French is highly employable and everybody wants him. There’s a difference.)
    Oh, what I like is having the courage to get rid of stuff I don’t otherwise have the courage to get rid of.

    Me: I was thinking about this when I was moving. The courage to get rid of stuff is such a good way to put it. My problem is that I don’t get the courage until I’ve moved it! But then I get rid of it. Backwards, but I guess the result is the same!

  2. Crafty Mom

    Let’s see, you are moving at a rate of what, 10 moves in nearly 10 years of marriage? We have had 14 addresses in 36 years of marriage. So far, if this were a contest, we’d be winning. But at the rate you are going, you’ll have us beat very shortly!
    Ok, the best part about moving: new house to decorate, new closets to fill, new scenery.

    Me: It seems this moving thing might be genetic! What’s Mr. French’s excuse?

  3. Rebekah

    I can relate to the the first one. That happened to me on more than one occasion. So, by moving do you mean just mailing in a change of address form to the Post Office or do you mean a driver license move? It does make a difference when you are counting them up 🙂

    Me: Well, you can actually move cross-country and not change your driver’s license. Not that I would know!

  4. kathy

    I was just looking at the comments here and got to thinking about the first one. There is definitely an advantage to moving when one can get rid of things (whether it’s done before moving or after actually getting it to the new house and deciding there’s no use in trying to find a place for it once its there). If you’re like we are, you accumulate new things at an alarming rate and therefore need the odd move now and again to “down-size”.

  5. redchampagne

    I’ve thought about that too. But the other side of moving and getting rid of stuff is that you often need different stuff later. I can’t tell you how many small (cheap) rugs, shower curtains, shower curtain rings etc. I’ve bought and gotten rid of only to need different ones later. I guess if that’s the price of moving it’s not so bad, but it gets a little annoying. I remember being struck by that especially in France because there were things you really needed (like a mixing bowl) but you knew you were not going to keep at the end of the ten months. Thankfully the only thing like that for this last move was a shower curtain and rings, which was only about $7 total.

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