A sign of things to come, perhaps?

A few weeks ago, C was entertaining Felicity for me while I got dinner ready. When I was ready to take her back, he carried her over to me, took a step back, bowed and said, “There you go, Queen Felicity.”

To which she smiled and patted her subject’s little head.


This afternoon, I was standing in the kitchen holding Felicity when I remembered that I still hadn’t figured out what to make for dinner. I walked over to the freezer to see what we had. She somehow recognized the ice cream carton on the door and pointed to it, making those recognizable “I want, I want” sounds.

“No, we just need the chicken.” I said, pulling out the bag and shutting the door.

She again pointed to the freezer. I opened the door. She pointed to the ice cream. “Uuh?” She said, lifting her voice into a question.

Oh, why not, I thought. There’s only a scoopful left anyway.


Today, while at the pool, I was keeping a close eye on Miss F by keeping my hand on the back of her swimsuit. At one point, she was actually just out of the water while I sat on the steps of the pool. She turned around slightly, noticed my hand on her suit, picked it up and returned it to me.

Never mind the fact that she can’t seem to leave my side when I’m making dinner.


It’s always a bad sign when a house with four kids is quiet.

Felicity crawled into my bedroom with my keys.

“Have you been getting into my purse?” I asked.

She smiled.

Down the hallway, into the living room, I picked up the contents of my purse.

Thankfully, she hadn’t figured out how to open the lip gloss.



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One response to “A sign of things to come, perhaps?

  1. kathy

    Next thing you know, she’ll be wearing your shoes or telling you are an old fuddy-duddy if you don’t have any bright, red ones with 4 inch heels.

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