Let them eat cake.

I wanted to do something with butterflies for Felicity’s cake and after searching the internet I came up with this. It seemed easy enough and I had the brilliant idea to do it ahead of time and have a very relaxing day preparing for her “party”.

Three days, three tries, and three trips to the store later, I decided that they were fairly simple to make. Easy? Not so much.
butterfly cake

If I hadn’t been so frazzled trying to get dinner on the table while I was attempting decorative butterflies for the third and final time, I probably would have thought about writing her name on the cake or something. Alas, I’m as good at multi-tasking as I am at reading and following directions.

Butterfly cupcakes

But, onto the party!

Don't touch that flame!

Right as we were taking this picture, Felicity tried to touch the flame. Which resulted in us shouting and her crying.

Four kids does make more relaxed parents. Let’s not pretend that’s always a good thing.

So she wasn’t terribly excited about sitting by herself after that.

She never did eat the cake.

But I did.

And it was good.



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3 responses to “Let them eat cake.

  1. Rebekah

    Very cute and they turned out like the picture. I made lamb cupcakes from Martha Stewart’s site for Benaiah last week. They tasted good but didn’t look like the picture. My neighbor thought they were snowmen. Maybe it is because I had several other helpers. Anyway, Ben didn’t mind and stuffed two in his mouth before I could help him.

  2. redchampagne

    I saw those in her cookbook about cupcakes. They’re cute. I was thinking maybe next year, but maybe they would be too hard. At least he ate them. F wouldn’t eat the cake and no one else would eat the butterflies. Oh well.

  3. Oh my goodness I can’t believe Felicity is already 1 years old!!! That’s so crazy!!! I still have not even met her! I love the cupcakes you made her! Even though she did not even eat them. They still look great and will be great a memory for her when she is 15! =)


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