Why pay someone when you can do it yourself?

(One half of a phone conversation)


(in my head)

“So, what was the quote from that kitchen designer?”

“No, the one for the big apartment complex account.”

Let's do the dishes!

“Are you kidding me? That’s outrageous! How hard is it to design a kitchen? Like that’s real work.”

First we need to rinse them...

“Oh, I know. Must be nice to make that kind of money.”

Wait. How am I supposed to rinse them when the dishwasher is open?

“You know what? It can’t be that hard. I’m going to do it myself. They’ll love me. We’ll be saving so much money and then we’ll get the bid. I am sooo going to get this promotion.”

I guess if I was shorter and lighter I could stand on the door.

“No, I’ll just draw it up myself and include it in the bid. Minus the insane design expenses. Puh-lease.”

But then I might have another problem.

“We’ll save them a bunch of money and I bet no one will ever notice.”


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3 responses to “Why pay someone when you can do it yourself?

  1. Alyssa

    That has to be infuriating. I thought it was bad when I couldn’t open my oven and dishwasher at the same time, but this is far worse. It does make you wonder what was going through the designers head.

    Oh and that’s hillarious about J’s seventh commandment recitation!!!

  2. kathy

    All kitchens seem to be designed by tall men who never even turn on the faucet, let alone do dishes or put them away in cupboards that are so high one needs a ladder to reach them. Totally feel your pain. It’s the same thing here in Africa.

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