I think she needs a demotion.

Since turning the big number one, Felicity has made a few decisions for herself.


Started walking.

Abruptly stopped nursing.

Turned into a Screaming Banshee.

Took a bottle of milk for the first time in her life.

Went back to being her happy, smily self again.

Started fast walking. (i.e. “running” with short toddler legs)

Got new shoes.

Decided that sitting in chairs, church, high chairs, strollers and shopping carts is way, way over-rated.

I finally like riding in this thing!

But taking walks with Daddy is alright.



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5 responses to “I think she needs a demotion.

  1. Anne

    Isn’t it amazing how quickly that independence hits? But after all, if she doesn’t accomplish things now, she will have big brothers in her way, so she might as well run to get things done, right? 🙂 Would love to get her and Bria together some time, I think they’d have a blast.

  2. Alyssa

    That’s so funny that she abruptly stopped nursing too. Jesse quit two days after he turned one.

    BTW your boys are so adorable!!

  3. She’s TOO cute. They just grow so fast. Right now mine (5 months) LOVES riding in the front pack thing with her daddy. She gets all jittery and SO excited. Before we know it, she’ll be riding on his back!

  4. redchampagne

    The first time she tried it, she didn’t like it. But now she goes and drags it out when Daddy says he’s going for a walk.

  5. Aww I love that last picture of Mr. D and Felicity!!! ❤ Really cute!


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