It may not be obvious, but the blue still outnumbers the pink around here.

I’ve been feeling guilty about all the Miss F posts lately. I do have three other kids, afterall.

Who all happen to be BOYS!

So, what have they been up to lately? Well…

1) They’ve been making and dressing up in the fiercest battle gear of any knights around.

Where's my sword?

They’d probably look doubly dangerous if they could shake that pink girl off their trail.

Maybe she’s just a decoy to make you think that they have a weak spot but in actuality, they take no prisoners.

You wouldn't want to run into these guys in a dark alley.

Pretty nice decoy, though.

2) Improving their swimming skills.

The bright sun makes swimming better

Ready to jump

I want that!

Oh, man. Where’d she come from?

3) Playing catch and release.

Don't get so close.

For the record, the boys tell me they “can’t wait to eat crayfish.”

That's close enough.

For the record, I can’t wait until they do.

Whoa, can he do that?

I just hope I’m not gonna to be the one cookin’ ’em.

Wait, there's one more.

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