Bored? Too much time on your hands?

So, Nocturnal Queen gave me a bloggy award! How fun is that?

The rules are that you’re supposed to post about it and then you’re supposed to award Fifteen! more blogs that you discovered recently and then you can see where this is going.

So I thought I’d change the rules a little and give you some blogs that I enjoy (whether or not I discovered them recently).

First: The Contemporist. Now let me just say that the fact that I love this website (and I signed up for the e-mails and it is the only time I’ve never regretted that) is a complete surprise to me. I would have thought I’m too traditional. I like Colonials! I’m a Classic! But I love to look at Contemporary style architecture. I could look all day.

Second: Along the lines of contemporary style, is this blog: Domestic Reflections. Their house is phenomenal. Love it. And she’s having a baby and they have cute kids and it’s just a fun read. Just getting to look at her house is worth a visit.

Third: I also just discovered Simple Lovely. This women just has impeccable taste. She inspires me to raise my standards. On everything domestic. Her food blog is good too.

Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Oh Never mind: These are all “design” related blogs that I enjoy, mostly for the pretty pictures. They’re fun inspiration if you’re re-decorating or hoping to in the next ten years. (We are currently redecorating (if that’s what you call painting and repainting) and I’m pulling out magazine clippings I’ve been thinking about for years.)

Oh Happy Day!

Design Mom (She and the above are sisters and they’re both expecting babies. Double fun.)


Jupiter Buttons (Okay she also just had a baby. Possibly the cutest ever. I mean, besides my own.)

Inside the Loop (She recently moved to Malaysia which makes it doubly interesting.)

hashai (She just redorated too!)

Nesting Place (My sister-in-law introduced me to this one. And then just today my friend sent me the link, too.)

And I just discovered last night actually: The Slow Food Experiment (Looks like it will be very interesting. I’m not quite brave enough to join in yet.)

And if you really need to waste a couple hours, I suggest you do it here.

I thought I should also introduce you to some serious blogs about important and serious topics so that you know I’m not just about the fun and the pretty.

But then I thought,


You can find your own serious blogs.



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2 responses to “Bored? Too much time on your hands?

  1. Thanks a million!!! It’s flattering to be in such fine company! xx

  2. Thanks for the link!:) Have a nice weekend!

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