What’s wrong with this picture?

I had to do it twice to get it right.

If you guessed that it looks like a monkey with some school scissors got busy, you’d be right.

He said he had to cut it twice because he didn’t get enough hair the first time.

I asked him what he did with the hair and he said, “I just dropped it.”

I’m still looking for it.

Apparently he was following the lead of his oldest brother, C, who decided to play barber with middle brother, S. S allowed him to, even though he told C it was a bad idea. Apparently C is a better barber though, because there is no discernible difference in S’s hair.

In the end, they didn’t get in trouble. It took us all day to even notice J’s hair.

He thinks it's kinda cool.

And we figured, walking around with your hair like this has got to be some kind of punishment.


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2 responses to “What’s wrong with this picture?

  1. Jay

    Is he still walking around looking like this.

  2. redchampagne

    No, his hair finally grew in. I guess I could have buzzed it all off when he did it, to make it all one length, but I’m not crazy about hair that short. He didn’t seem to mind either way.

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