He makes up words too.

One of J’s favorite people at church is “Kake”.

Apparently, her parents put a ‘t’ in the middle of her name, but there’s no telling J that.


The boys all like to look up and read about different animals and creatures. J was looking up big cats. He was showing me pictures of them in the book and naming them as he went along.

“Lion, cheetah, panther, jag water…”

“Wait, what is that again?”

“Jag water.”

“Oh, yeah.”

(That’s right. I didn’t correct him.)


We caught two more mice in the car. (I don’t want to hear about it.)

The boys, of course, had to go out to survey the damage.

J was the first one back in with a report.

“And remember where you seat is, Mom?”


“There’s a mouse there that got smapped!”


“Yeah, smapped in the trap!”

Smapped: To get smashed in a snapped trap.

My singular wish is that all mice shall be smapped mice.




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4 responses to “He makes up words too.

  1. Rebekah

    I almost tripped on two dead mice at my back door this morning. Priscilla loves to leave little gifts to remind us that she does do something besides nap. 🙂

  2. redchampagne

    We need to get a cat.

  3. Anne

    I agree: get a cat. 🙂 Matt doesn’t like them, but he did say, just the other day, in fact, what a difference he’s noticed not having little critters in the kitchen, dining room, and basement since we got Eden. Of course, I found one of her “treasures” outside that I nearly stepped on. (I picked it up with one of Tyler’s toy shovels and flung it into the neighbor’s yard. ;)) They do help. And I might have to adapt J’s word “smapped”. I like it. And it sounds as though it is a very appropriate and fitting word.

  4. lol @ “Jag Water”. That’s really cute.

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