Desperate times call for desperate measures

I’m referring, of course, to Miss Felicity.


It took a couple times for me to realize what she was doing.

Or should we say, whom she was imitating.

She would walk into the bathroom, lift up her shirt/dress and stand with her belly pressed to the toilet.

Which is sort of what her brothers do. Except they’re taller.

(Though you couldn’t tell by their aim.)

She’s gonna be devastated when she learns the truth.


She was hungry, so she took matters into her own hands.

I’m like, 16 months old.

I think I can get my own food.

Except when I can’t.

Next thing you’re going to tell me is that girls can’t pee standing up.


There was no one around to watch Felicity, and I needed to take a shower.

She knows how to turn on the water.

She was annoyed by the tape, but she soon accepted it.

After she bit it.

She had one slightly wet boot. But I got a shower.

Roaring success, I’d say.


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3 responses to “Desperate times call for desperate measures

  1. Anne

    Looks like Miss Felicity is quite a handful. 🙂 Of course, having a 16 month old who is desperately trying to keep up with 3 older brothers, I’m not a bit surprised. Bria tries hard to keep up with Tyler & cousin Sawyer (who’s only 7 months older) and I definitely groan at the things she’s discovered already. Smart move on the duct tape; might have to use that idea. 😉

  2. The Woman with the Yellow Hat

    Wow, she’s cute–as is K–aha, GC roomates for the third gen! Yes, love the duct tape–totally relate re the shower strategy and eating … for showers, I ensure toiletries are ready to go, lay out clothes, take my hair down, get the girls playing together and make a run for it–I’m usually discovered four min later, but that’s more than half through!

  3. I recently pulled our small pack-n-play into our bathroom so my 8 month old could be confined while I showered. I know the feeling. However it can be done!!!!

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