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Snow days and why I should maybe quit my day job and be a poet

We went away,

on New Years Day

and when we came home

there was snow, all alone.

But not for long…

We have a pretty flat yard, so the boys were having trouble finding a place to sled.

They tried the ditch. (Too many trees.)

So then they tried the back porch.

Head first, no less.

Later, I taped them sledding down the front porch.

You can hear Felicity whining to go outside. She really wanted to go out but the driveway hadn’t even been plowed yet and there was no place to be.

And then at last, (the very next day) she got to go outside.

I don’t know how obvious it is, but she was asking to go farther into the yard where J was but the snow was very deep and we said she couldn’t and so she shrugs her shoulders, sighs, and marches off toward the garage with a little pout on her face.

I know I should be alarmed, but it’s just so funny.

P.S. Totally kidding about quitting my day job.

P.P.S. Actually, I just couldn’t find a replacement.


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