The oldest and the youngest

I found them enjoying a stroll together.

Through the apartment.

Felicity was pushing the baby and C was carrying the second baby.

She had her purse, her keys (“Ma Key!” she calls them), and her cell phone. And, of course, bottles for the babies.

They walked all the way to the master bedroom before setting up for a picnic. Naturally, the “Dad” is reading while “Mom” sets up the food.

But then, he did feed the baby.

Orange juice in a bottle, but who’s keeping track?

All kidding aside, I was really impressed with how well my oldest boy played “house” with his little sister. It may never happen again, but it was sweet while it lasted.



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4 responses to “The oldest and the youngest

  1. kathy

    And you have proof!! Just think how grateful his wife will be someday when she sees it.

  2. Julie

    aawwww … molly would love to have someone so willing and able to help her play with her baby dolls. her brother is not helpful. so she plays trains. =)

  3. redchampagne

    I was actually thinking that same thing, Kathy.

    She probably would love to play with Molly. Plus, she can already say her name. 🙂

  4. That’s so nice of C to play house with Felicty. Great memories to have when they are older. My brothers, mainly, Joseph and Graham played house with me all the time growing up. I think it was one of our favorites, even through I dont think they would even touch a baby doll let alone help feed it.

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