Gettin’ yer Felicity fix

As her father likes to say, she’s a girl!

I took her shoe shopping the other night. I wasn’t sure we’d get out of there with only one pair. She tried on at least eight. And was annoyed when I tried to get her to put on one white maryjane and one black maryjane at the same time. (What? I was trying to save time.) And while sometimes I’m not sure whether she understands what I’m saying, it was quite obvious that when I said we were going shoe shopping, she knew we were going to buy some shoes!

The other funny thing is that she wears Duplo rings (think: big and plastic) on her wrists as jewelry. Insists on taking her keys with her whenever we go to the car, and puts on and tries to walk around in any and all shoes that she finds. No shoe left behind. Just all scattered around.

She plays hide and seek. She told me she needed her diaper changed and when I got up to do it, I couldn’t find her. I called her a couple of times. I asked the boys if they knew where she was. Then, I hear a little giggle coming from the closet.

She loves “Mo-yee”, the dog. Every picture she sees is “Mo-yee”. So I googled “golden retriever”. “Mo-yee, Mo-yee, Mo-yee!” she shouted, pointing to every dog.

And, while she knows all her brothers by their names, she doesn’t say their names. They’re all collectively called, “Boy”.

Her favorite things though, by far, are balls. She has a collection of them. Several of which are pink. She carries them around in a lunchbox. She talks about them all the time. And she finds them in her food. Peas, naturally, are little green balls. Even black beans have a ball-like structure, she was telling us the other night.

I probably never would’ve thought of them that way until she pointed that out.



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9 responses to “Gettin’ yer Felicity fix

  1. She’s very cute. I love that she calls each of her brothers “boy”.

  2. No doubt about it: Girls are DEFINITELY different from boys. πŸ™‚ I’ve noticed that with Bria too…she loves playing with Tyler’s cars and then will go over and hug her doll, pick up her cell phone & purse and talk like such a girl. She’s fascinated with all thing shoes too…mine, Matt’s, Tyler’s, etc. I haven’t braved the shoe shopping thing with her yet, I think I’ll just stick to buying some and bringing them home. πŸ™‚

    Me: I should probably try that. I made the mistake one time of trying shoes on her when I wasn’t really ready to buy any. I finally distracted her and hid them on the shelf once I got them away.

  3. Woman with the Yellow Hat

    “Boy” is hilarious! Hmm, while there are correlations, you just helped me confirm that “CII” is a tomboy who loves doing “salts” (somersaults).

  4. Abigail

    I love little girls at this age, they are so fun! Isabelle is the same way (well, maybe not as bad) about shoes. We do not look at shoes unless we are committed to buying some. Neither of my girls like to put shoes back on the shelf. πŸ™‚ Where did they get this? I don’t remember being like that. It sounds like Felicity is talking alot more than Isabelle too. She gets her point across very cleary without saying any real words, though. πŸ™‚

  5. Julie

    yes, molly loves shoes. she changes her shoes all the time. and she wears everybody’s shoes. and has recently decided that she needs to pick out her own outfits every day. yikes!
    love that felicity calls her brothers “boy.” my youngest brother used to call one of our brothers “boy.” he could say his name – and always called the rest of us by our actual (harder to say) names. those two are best friends now. i think it was because he loved him the most. =)
    her hair is getting really long! so cute.

  6. redchampagne

    I know Abigail, I don’t think we were like that with shoes. Maybe b/c there were three of us and we didn’t get more than two pairs a season? (I must confess though, I’ve changed. I have many more shoes than I “need” now.)

    Julie: That’s funny about your brother. My brother (who had no brothers) called us “the girls”, but not affectionately.

    “Mom, the girls are being mean.”
    “Mom, the girls won’t let me play.”
    The girls got in trouble a lot.

  7. Colleen

    I, too, love the “Boy” term. Titus refuses to call his younger sister anything but “Baby Girl.” We hear a whole lot of “No, Baby Girl, No!!”

    She’s such a cutie, Rachel.

  8. Abigail

    Yes, the shoe thing has changed somewhat for me now too. What can I say? My days of getting one pairs of saddle shoes (remember those?) every winter and one pair of canvas shoes every summer are behind me (thankfully)!

    Elijah has been calling his sisters “the girls” recently, mostly when he is annoyed with them. It always makes me laugh because I think of Samuel!

  9. redchampagne

    Exactly. Were you old enough to remember when Rebekah and I had the same red canvas shoes? Mom even warned us not to get matching shoes. We didn’t listen and then we surprisingly had the hardest trouble telling them apart.

    And yes, I remember the saddle shoes. I wanted them so I could pretend I was Molly, from the American Girls Collection.

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